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    Suspend Service - Use DVR?

    If I temporarily suspend service - will I be able to playback recorded shows from my DVR?
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    RedZone channel on cable?

    I've read that Redzone channel may be available on comcast this year for free or maybe $7 per month. Any idea if directv would allow Redzone channel without the full Sunday ticket?
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    HR20 Program List ! in triangle

    In my program list, an exclamation point in a triangle appears next to two folders and one movie. Is there something that needs attention? BTW - hopefully unrelated - the pause/rew, etc keys were not working yesterday and I solved this with the reset function in the menu. I believe the ! was...
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    Favorites and timers

    Will a to do still record if the channel is not part of your current favorites list?
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    First CS experience - wow :(

    Rant on I ran into a wall today trying to convince customer service that I or my neighbor should be given a benefit as a referral. I mentioned when signing up that I was referred by a customer, and again called in while installer was at my house and was told that I and my referrer would be...
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    D* HD vs. Cable

    I hope I didn't just make a 24 month mistake. I just got d* installed and when comparing cable HD with d* HD, both through HDMI and all settings the same, Cable is clearly superior. Is there a chance of this improving? Not only that, I just noticed that my comcast just added HGTV and FOOD...
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    hr-20-100s hr20-700s difference?

    I signed up at Costco where they had a stack of HDDVRs that I thought said hr20-700s, but they told me not to take it with me that the installer would bring it. The one he brought is hr20-100s - is there a difference?
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    Does HR-20 have coax out?

    Does the HR-20 have a coax out that can be used for a 2nd (SD) monitor?
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    Installation tomorrow - Superfan? Extra HD?

    My installation is set for tomorrow, sales rep said all nfl games would be in hi-def, yet superfan is not indicated. Also, I did not want to pay for an extra HD receiver (I bought one hr-20) so only scheduled one hd and one sd, though I want two hds and one sd. Should I be able to call in and...
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    HD programming only available?

    Is it possible to subscribe to just HD programming with dish? I have a 622 collecting dust.
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    HD programming only?

    Sorry for probably a stupid question, but is there an option for only HD programming with Dish? I have 1 dish currently at 110/119, a 622, and no traditional phone line. What are my options? TIA
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    921 can I disconnect fan?

    Former Dish customer and I'd like to use my 921 as more than just an ugly $1000 paperweight, but its far too noisy to be used in my bedroom for OTA reception, and if I keep it unplugged when not in use, it takes at least 5 min to boot up. Will there be overheating if the fan is...
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    622 ota w/o dish?

    I no longer have dish network, but do have a 622 reciever and want to use it for ota/cable tuner box. On the menu, selection 9 for local channels is greyed out. Will this be possible?
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    "Dish pause" instead of cancel

    I don't know how they did it, but a csr just talked me into a "dish pause" instead of cancelling service. They want to charge me $5/month to suspend service rather than cancel, that way I can come back within the six months if I want. My question is - is there a penalty for coming back if I...
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    DVI active on 6412?

    I just got a motorola 6412 II installed, but I can't get the DVI to work. Pic comes up for 5 sec, then goes black. Is there a fix? In the settings, it says"HDCP Enabled: NO" is there a way to change this. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Dish DVI on Dish's 34" monitor

    Is the "DishDVI" proprietary? That is will I be able to hook up a non-Dish source to this monitor via DVI? If so I'm assuming that there is an adapter to hook an HDMI output to the tvs DVI - is this correct? Thanks for the help
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    Looks like I'll be jumping ship ...

    I was all excited about my upgrade to the 622 and the new HD lined up for me, but when the numbers came in and I'll be saving over $1000 over 12 months with cable, I had to make the choice. I hope the move isn't too painful, there are several drawbacks plus I'll be just another schmo with...
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    $22 per month for useable 622

    The way I see it, this box will cost me $22 per month before programming and taxes. I was happy about upgrading until they went over all of the hidden charges $6 per month lease fee $5 per month DVR fee (why not just admit its $11 per month lease) $6 per month no phone line fee (1st time...
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    Backup 921?

    How can I backup 921 recordings before upgrading to the 622?
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    Order 622 now for April rebate option?

    For the $200 rebate option, must I wait until April to order, for the install date, or just to process the rebate?