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    Where can I find Superdish LNB's?

    It appears that I need to replace the LNB's on my Superdish pointed at 105, 110, 119. There is exactly ONE set available on eBay. Should I go that route or go for a Dish 1000 pointed at 110, 119, 129? I will need HD, Voom and Richmond, VA locals. Is this do-able looking at those sats? Thanks
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    Check Switch Issue - VIP 622

    I have a VIP 622 and a Superdish pointed at 110, 119 and 105 using a DP 34 switch. I have 4 cables out of the switch for 4 receviers, only using 2 (I have a 501 upstairs.) Here's one for the experts out there. I am running this 622 in single mode, only powering one TV. Recently, I have had...
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    HDMI Question

    Thinking of getting a 942 receiver. Will the HDMI output carry Dolby Digital encoding, or do you still have to have the optical cable? Thanks
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    New Guy

    HI Everyone, I am a long time Dish devotee. I have been reading some posts, but have never posted, so here goes. Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to mixing it up with you guys. Watts