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    newbie install question

    I was able to get my dish today from Fedex a day late by driving to pick it up myself. oddly the map system drivers use did not have my address. Spent a few minutes to figure out how to bolt everything together (directions were not very clear). it is either 85 or 90cm in size and came...
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    telstar 12 dish pointing

    I was looking at and noticed this satellite has a beam for North America with DVB in the KU band Telstar 12 at 15.0° W However this is not in range 61W-160W covered in the satellite finder java program. I was wondering what the algorithm was for finding your Azimuth...
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    Newbie - intro/LNB questions

    I am new to this forum and have done some reading recently on FTA, This sounds like a hobby I will be very interested in. Owned the DirectTV system from SONY when it was new in 90s. Self install of this system was very easy. discarded (gave to someone) when moved to location with...