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    East Coast Feeds for the west coast

    Although I have seen some extremists who camp and live in small vehicles--agree with you that the Escort would be a stretch- but vans, suv's or similar that are used for temporary living quarters could pass.
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    East Coast Feeds for the west coast

    All Amercian Direct has RV waivers available. Read the definition as it doesn't necessarily have to be an "RV" if you have a vehicle you use for "camping" and are using those receviers for that "purpose" Then you can use any address. AS the RV "could be traveling to the east coast.
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    Not latino but I would love to see some captions in espanol on the regular channels. I'm trying to learn spanish and it would help. Have a hard time finding channels that actually have even spanish as SAP. Even when it says it is being broadcast on SAP doesn't seem to come thru that often...
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    The Stick it to Dish anyway you can thread !

    I agree vote with your dollars and your recommendations. Been a customer back to when Echostar was the option. Got friends to sign on- but can't say I can recommend it over cable now. We got two 722's because they offered them as the upgrade at the time. Nice for multiple recording. But...
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    do seperators go bad?

    Got a new separator and problem is fixed. All is right in the world- in time for bowl games Thanks for the help.
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    do seperators go bad?

    yes I double checked and made sure one went to tuner one and two to tuner two.
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    do seperators go bad?

    I haven't tried the suspect separator on the "good" receiver. That is worth the time to see if it reacts the same. Just looked at prices and indeed not much to get a new one. Will try the switch after some bowl games tomorrow and see what happens.
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    do seperators go bad?

    have two 722's installer used DP pro separators at both to split to tuner one and tuner 2. no problems until yesterday -disconnected the one receiver for some other household project for about an hour. When hooked back up with all the same connections-would not acquire SAts. Reset it. Tried...
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    taking to time to say something nice

    Easier to complain than compliment so I thought I'd make an effort. I had to call and cancel my parents dish contract because my father had passed away suddenly and my mom had to move into assisted location. Dish waived the early termination fee. My folks had just started a 2 year contract and...
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    7/8/2009 11:19am - Uplink Activity Report - 34 changes

    While Bend itself may be slightly less than 100,000. The stations would serve all of Central Oregon. That and more rural areas may be more likely to use SAT service as they may not have a choice.
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    All American Direct HD Prices

    An inexpensive option for network news from a wide variety of markets US and world is - Watch Live Streaming News From the USA & World - Beta Version tune in at the time that market broadcasts and you can watch full broadcasts. also great for watching raw feeds of car...
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    Bend,Redmond and the rest of Central Oregon are hurting right along with you. But at least a lot of the folks got "RV's";) and some even have figured out to "buy" ;)a property in a nearby market.
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    RV traveling and getting major networks on Dish Network

    Some of the customer service don't seem to be aware of All American tv channels options for RV and others. You will get NY and SF networks on your dish equipment- you just pay that part of the bill to all american direct.
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    Arizona Locals in Bay Area?

    There is a snowbird account with Dish- don't think Direct has it. Allows service between a summer and winter location without problems. I believe it is called a snowbird account
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    Lost my Locals..Did Los Angeles move ?

    There are a few who do not OTA and no locals even SD from Dish. Hence the need for moving. But not going to whine. Looking at options for Canadian or Direct. Or may just go Internet
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    If you could pick a DMA to live in

    I too miss the old distant nets days. If you need a "fix" for those hiway chases or live news from just about anywhere try - Watch Live Streaming News From the USA & World - Beta Version Has all the major US markets (and many international) and you can also watch some of the...
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    My locals Dma 91 Colorado Springs

    You might be able to "move" to Denver DMA until yours are up. You can search and look at threads about "moving" when in quotes moving means service address not your billing address.
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    Please help a newbie! OTA antenna??

    Some solutions in the "grey" area are to try for RV exemption with You could get Atlanta and SF just in Standard Def right now. RV definition is pretty open to interpretation. Many types of vehicles can be used for "Camping".
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    Can I 'move' to get network channels?

    best not to use real name
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    Can I 'move' to get network channels?

    Depending on where you live. If you are closer to Idaho Falls and live to the east side of the state may not get Boise. Not an expert so maybe someone else is more comfortable with the spotbeam charts. If I am looking at them right you may have a good chance of getting Missoula locals. When...