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    Satellite 1000.2

    Satellite 1000.2 What setting do I use for this in zip 22960 Thanks
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    Need Help with 1000.2

    Need Help with 1000.2 I have all of the satellites confirmed, 119, 110, 129,, but when you cancel out and go through your checks, it stays at 0 of 5
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    Need Help on 129

    I have a dish 500, that get 119, and 110. My locals have changed to 129. Whats the best way to get all 3 satilites thanks!!!
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    Need help with tailgating satellite

    Need help with tailgating satellite I need a satellite that can pick up 110 , 119, and 129, that I can take to football tailgates. in the past I have use a 500 satellite, that picked up 110 and 119, but now locals have moved to 129. Is there on satellite that can do that thanks Jeff
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    receivers losing signals

    receivers losing signals Have 2 receivers on a 500 system. at least once per day, the receivers will tell me loss signal as I turn the channels, after I do a check switch, it returns to normal. Help
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    What should be the satilite strenth for a super dish

    What should be the satilite strenth for a super dish. Evrytime it rains i loss singnal
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    I Need a new HD Dual receiver

    Need a new HD Dual receiver What one is the best? Thanks Jeff
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    Problem with VIP722

    My VIP722 shuts down abd seems to reboot 5 or 6 time a day. what could that be thanks
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    Need help with VIP 722

    Need help with VIP 722 I installed the 722 about a month ago. Everything has worked fine until yesterday. The second TV (UHF) remote will only control the number 2 TV every once in a while. Most of the time it will do nothing. It will turn the TV on all the time, just not operate the...
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    Can you use a dp44 and a 34 switch in the same system

    I would like to use the 44 swirch and then branc of with the 34 switch. Us the 44 for the dual tuners, and the 34 for the singal thanks
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    satellite strength for 119 and 110

    satellite strength what the lowest signal for 119, and 110 that would allow a quality picture thanks
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    Need A HD Recevier,

    Need a simple HD Recieved, what is the best one to purchase
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    Need Help with New HD Setup

    Ok, I need experts. I now have Dish Network, with the HD package. I have one 311 receiver for non HD, and one HD receiver leased from Dish Network. I am getting ready to purchase Polaroid 50" Plasma HDTV with ATSC Tuner, for a new room and would like to hook up HD in that room as well. Dish...
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    What is the smallest dish i can get...

    that is the most portable to take camping to pick up satilite 119 thanks
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    Dish Network HD Packages--Need Help

    Need Help. I just purchased a new 32" flat screen with a built in HD tuner. I have the Americas top 180 with a 311 receiver. Would like to upgrade to HD. What equipment do I need, and what package is the best. Thanks for the help
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    Channel Question???

    I have the America top 180 package. There are several channels I can not get, one being channel 426, Fox Sports Net Northwest. Am I doing something wrong thanks
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    Getting 119 and 129 instead of 119 and 110

    Getting 119 and 129 instead of 119 and 110 Set up my satellite at the football game yesterday, and received 119 and 129, and usually get 119 and 110. I am using at dish 500. any idea why this is happing, and what affects it has on programming
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    How Can I Find satellite 129

    Can I pick this up with a dish 300 thanks
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    ESPN Game plan Blackout

    I have ESPN Game plan. How can I find out what is blacked out in my area. The college game I want to see Saturday in on Game plan, but it is also on ABC. Will it be blacked out in my area thanks
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    Can I Get Satellite 105 with a dish 300

    I am looking to get a few local channels at a cookout, so we can watch the football game. I understand that locals at on 105 (That's what I am told). I have a old 300 satellite and was going to take it with us, and just direct it at the 105 so I could get the locals. Is this possible