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    Backhaul for Bush speech tonight?

    I thought I had posted this earlier but I don't see it now. If it was deleted, ok. But I didn't get any sort of email ref it being deleted or improper or advising me not to post again, so... (Just found the message about feeds not in Lyngsat. Message content deleted. Sorry....)
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    Any chance of a "convention feeds" area?

    This might be a touchy subject, but is there any chance of a "convention feeds" area where we can share what networks are on what sats and when? I know it would probably be an "invite only" section. Just tossing the idea out for comments. I looked but didn't see (or missed) anything similar...
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    Twinhan 7022?

    The Twinhan site is showing a new desktop USB 2.0 box identified as 7022. Does anyone know of a dealer who carries this box or have any user reports on it? I checked all the dealer links here first but no luck. Thanks.. dennis
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    I signed up for what?????

    Called Directv in late July to inquire about going to HD. They said I could purchase thru them for $249 with a $200 rebate or buy locally and still receive the $200 rebate. Per the rep three free months of HD programming was included plus FOX and ABC HD from NY/LA since I was already receiving...