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    Looking for reception advice

    Just thought I would try to get some advice about my situation. I live in Stewartville, MN. I currently have a small rooftop antenna from Radio Shack without a preamp. I also have a rotor. The other day I pointed my antenna north and did a rescan of my stations. To my surprise, I pulled in...
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    Buying equipment

    I have calmed down from a previous rant about poor Dish installer experience. I am comfortable with setting up my own equipment. I would be a new dish customer. I want to buy the receiver and dish to get Dish HD. Is this still possible, and if it is, I am looking at the vip211 (don't need...
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    Poor experience with Dish install

    I am a long time Directv subscriber and wanted to go to HD. Since Dish offered me the best deal, I decided to take the plunge and order HD from them. Anyhow, I made my install appointment 3 weeks ago. I contacted Directv to have them shut off my service to coincide with my billing. That was...
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    Is America One encrypted?

    Hi, I am interested in C band free to air mainly to get America One as they show Canadian Football games. The list on Satellite Guys shows America One being on C band 121 W Galaxy 23c and in the clear. On Lyngsat, it shows it on the same satellite, but as being encrypted with Powervu...