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    DirecTV Superbowl ads

    I haven't seen mention of the Superbowl DirecTV ads. They said they were getting ready to launch satellites which would carry 1500 HD channels :eek: ! They were on just before and just after the start of the game. I thought it was pretty aggressive of them to do Superbowl ads.
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    Long time VOOMer out!

    I hated to do it. I really hated it. I installed D* with the HD DVR last Wednesday. Thursday, I called VOOM and told them to cut it off. Don't flame me. I've been through thick and thin since November of '03. When the CSR asked for a reason, I don't think he expected a tirade of what I thought...
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    Leaving this forum.... Thanks, Sean

    I just want to say thanks and Adios to all those on this forum. Since the addition of ESPN, VOOM is pretty much complete for me. I still hope for scifi, but can wait patiently. Thanks very much to Sean for his hard work in helping myself and so many others here. With my programming thirst...
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    Golf channel was added today

    Looks like we have a new channel this morning. Is it 329 Golf? :) My channel names are missing this morning. This usually happens when we get a new channel. It comes back by the end of day. Channel count is up to 133.
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    Bailing on VOOM? - DON'T DO IT!

    Subject: Re: Bailing on VOOM! - DON'T DO IT !!!! I hope there aren't too many others who follow your philosophy (see clip below). If everybody bailed saying "I'll check back next year" there won't be a next year. Us early adopters need to tough it out and support VOOM or we're all...
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    March Madness! We Need Espn!

    Come on VOOM! Throw the damn switch! We need ESPN for March Madness! The SD version is fine. Just throw the switch! :mad: Sorry. Had to vent. Geno
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    Bigger Dish/old LNB helps my signal strength

    I had an old "shure shot" dish (30" I think), so I thought I'd switch it out with the VOOM dish to see what difference it would make. Going from the VOOM dish to the "Shure Shot" increased my signal strength from 52 to 59. Then for the heck of it, I tried my old DirecTV LNB (5 years old at...
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    VOOM Widows

    Ken from Yahoo's group mentioned his wife commenting on his increased consumption of VOOM. My wife has made similar observations. I'm guessing there are others. The choice is clear. We either need to watch less VOOM, or form a support group for the wives. Hmmmm. Look for the VOOM Widows...
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    What channel does your VOOM box start on?

    This is probably a stupid question, but is the VOOM box supposed to start up on channel 100? Eons ago, it had the annoying habit of starting up on channel 35, an OTA channel that doesn't even come in because its 100 miles away. At some point after a reset it began starting on 100 HDNews, which I...
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    18 New Channels !!!!!!! Woooo Hoooooo !

    My channel count is up by 18. Program guide still downloading.... HBO & Skinimax is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked I'm dizzy ! .......Can't think ........ Passing out .......... :confused:
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    Did we get a new channel today? (Yes, Encore Action Channel 268)

    Did we get a new channel today? My system status - channel map page indicates 100 channels today. It was only 99 until today. I can't figure out what's new. Anybody know? Geno
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    Good Remote for VOOM - MX-700

    In case anyone is interested, I bought and have been using an MX-700 from Universal Remote. One reason I bought it was it uses all hard buttons, which I prefer over the touchscreens. It does have an LCD for menu info. The other reason I bought it was that on I was able to...
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    New Channel Line-up from Installs Inc site

    Here's an update of the nice color channel line-up.... I love VOOM ! :D
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    VOOM Links with lots of good DOCS!

    Here's a ton of good info found with a yahoo search.... Install links Standard...
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    Goodbye, Charlie. Hello, VOOM!

    Goodbye, Charlie. Hello, VOOM! After Charlie Chat, confirming poor HD support by Dish. I'm putting my money where my mouth is and going to VOOM to support HD. I'll suffer without a PVR for a while, but I'll have HD! Adios, Charlie! Geno