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    do seperators go bad?

    have two 722's installer used DP pro separators at both to split to tuner one and tuner 2. no problems until yesterday -disconnected the one receiver for some other household project for about an hour. When hooked back up with all the same connections-would not acquire SAts. Reset it. Tried...
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    taking to time to say something nice

    Easier to complain than compliment so I thought I'd make an effort. I had to call and cancel my parents dish contract because my father had passed away suddenly and my mom had to move into assisted location. Dish waived the early termination fee. My folks had just started a 2 year contract and...
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    More local options may be changed for oregon

    highlight from article and link to full article on central oregon and locals Are TV options set to change? | The Bulletin Chris Gallu, station manager for KTVZ and KFXO, says satellite TV companies have expressed interest in providing programming from the local affiliates.
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    any hope for additional markets to be added?

    Live in Central Oregon- in addition to the 80,000 plus in the immediate town there are a number of surrounding communities with no SAT locals from Direct or Dish Net. Cable here is in war with local FOX for retransmission. Seems like Dish is missing a big opportunity for a lot of customers. In...
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    Help just lost drive- should we sign up for warranty

    Well one of our two 722s hard rive seems to have gone out. Tried rebooting, pulling plug etc. No go. How long are the warranties on leased? We've always owned our equipment before with no problems for over 10 yeaars. Gt leased units in January and now this. If warranty is out- how long after...
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    Announcement about DTV pal converter availability

    Last night in the Charlie Chat on Dish Network-- there was some discussion on the digital converter box from Echostar. More detailed discussion is in the Dish Network forum. There was some mention that it should be available around June 19th and the initial box would be 59 dollars. Something...
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    discussion about DTV pal converter box

    for more discussion about the soon to be released echostar DTVpal converter box you might want to also check the discussion on dish network thread.
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    Antenna near metal? and attic with tile?

    I am trying to figure out if it will work for me to put an outdoor OTA antenna up. Currently getting about 3/4 of the stations available with indoor antenna placed near the balcony wall but inside. Pretty finicky with only good spot kind in the middle of the floor so would like to move it. I...
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    Warning problems still with ABC feeds-Portland - probably others

    Tonight (Tuesday) problems again with ABC recordings. This was on Portland OR HD feed-- know that others have reported problems last Thursday and again Sunday night with Greys Anatomy and Lost on Seattle, SLC, Portland, and Atlanta ABC. The video is totally blurred(pixeled out) audio good. If...
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    Good site for huge variety of live news stations

    I wish we could get the entire feeds for all TV programming from across the country--but until then I found a website that is set up to easily view live streaming feeds from most of the major network news in the US and a few world ones. - Watch Live Streaming News From the...
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    Any chance to preorder converter box

    Is there any hope at all that we could pre-order the converter boxes? I , like many, have my coupons which I ordered prior to knowing that the dish product would not be available before they expire. Would like to get the dish product but may have to use them for something else. It would seem...
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    722 placed on its side okay??

    We just dished it up to a 722 the installer place it on its side Will it operate safely if left in this position? Wondering if it would hurt any of the drives or other internal equipment?
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    dish mover program question

    If I utilize dish mover program- will they be willing to get the new home dish installed prior to cutting off service at old address?? Trying to avoid days of no service as we will still have old house for awhile--and can record there. Doesn't sound like any better deals coming so want to try...
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    any plans?? to move locals from 110 119

    Anyone know if they will be moving some of the HD locals from 110 and 119 to 129 or other sats? Specifically Portland Oregon-- it has a pretty wide DMA and spotbeam Don't want to upgrade to HD equipment-- if they move locals around and require two dishes. I know we can change dish to 1000 and...
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    echostar TR-50 finalist- best of CES at CNet

    This may already be in one of the other posts. CNET finalists for best of CES are announced. You can also vote for People's award/ Echostar TR-50 is one of the finalists CES 2008 - Consumer Electronics Show 2008: Award Nominees -
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    Big news on directv new PC tuner

    hey sat guys --big news on direct tv tuner for the PC? Its on engadget feed
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    how to get 1000plus install by dish?

    We will be moving soon. Yes really moving --not pretend moving It sounds like the 1000 plus will be the only way to get 129 and HD in Central Oregon. We won't have room for two dish install, very narrow front of house and small yard situation. Will Dish install the plus or is that something we...
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    In Central Oregon reception and set up?

    Interested in perhaps jumping to Direct for HD and reception. In Bend area does anyone know what size dish they will install and which SAT it will look at. Wondering about "moving" possibilities later to get locals out of Portland or NY
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    reception for 129 and HD in central OR

    Want to upgrade to HD-- have a 500 dish now and get 110 and 119 Understand that we will need to get 129 Anyone know how the reception is here? Have read that reception in Northwest is bad. What size dish will they install with the HD upgrade?
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    Portland OR networks to disappear?

    I am a RV er who will be losing distants possibly in the near future. Customer service offered a trial of locals from Portland OR for when we are at the house (about 10% of our time) In the guide we see channels 9833-9839-- they say "Temporary home for Portland and info on those channels it...