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    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    As a kid, it was going camping with my family. Now that I'm grown, I like to take my own family camping.
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    I do not get locals in HD. So am I elegbile to get Distant Network Service in HD?

    I live in Ely and it's the same problem here. The problem is the size of the DMA. It covers all of Utah and parts of ID, WY, and NV. Dish Network does do HD in the area because they have SLC on nationwide coverage.
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    Dear Friends... (A Note about the Sling Adapter Promotion)

    I'm guessing getting this deal requires a contract extention? 1 year or 2 years?
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    Sirius/XM Channel Numbers

    Also, the CC stations (21, 22, 24, 158, 161, and 165) arnt avalible on Sirius. I think Sirius' political talk stations differ from XM.
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    iphone o.s. 3.0, mms included?

    I dont think hardware would be the problem. On the first WM devices I had 5 years ago, you could do this, although it took additional software, and those were BT 1.0 or 1.1 devices. I think the 3g iphone has BT 2.0 hardware in it, at least.
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    iphone o.s. 3.0, mms included?

    Why all the excitement over features that should have been included in the first place? Every WM or BB device I have owned since 2004 have done these things. And I thought Apple didnt ever want to include flash, instead hoping to push content providers towards Apple based solutions like...
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    Possible Public Interest Channels List

    Some of the channels look interesting (America One, AMG), and some like PressTV look downright scary (headline is Isreal will fall in 20 yrs). Dish already carries RetroTV in my market and personally, I dont find anything compelling on it. Also, I dont think its legal to carry Voice of America...
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    Need good high gain XM antenna

    XM used to sell a wireless antenna expander. It consisted of a XM antenna and a wireless transmitter and a reciever that plugged into the radio. I dont know if its for sale anymore, though. Was about $150. You could put the antenna and transmitter somewhere you got signal and use the...
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    T-Mobile cripples 3G bandwidth

    hopefully, this is just temporary untill their 3g network gets up to par.
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    What is the Best BD or HDDVD you have seen for PQ?

    Transformers on HD-DVD is the best one I own, but I was at Costco a couple of days ago and had a phillips br hooked up to a 42 in bravia with cars playing, and it was by far the best I've ever seen.
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    Revised Poll: Voom is gone - What Now?

    Im dissapointed, I signed up for DishHD a few days ago, and though getting Voom wasnt my only reason why, I was looking forward to it.
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    Former HD-DVD Supporters, Do You Want BD To Fail?

    No. I allways figured bd would win in the end due to its superior tech specs. Ive spent maybe $450-500 between my hd-dvd player and about 40 movies (not counting the $50 amazon gave me back). I expected hd-dvd to put up a bit more fight for longer, but I understand why they pulled out after...
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    Question about locals...

    Is there a way to find out if/who the local installer is? Both times I had E* set up, they sent someone up from Vegas. Oh well, it looks like my options are either gonna be stay with the E*, or see if E* will sell me hd locals only (probly have to buy a box :( ) and sub to D* ( I may try...
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    Question about locals...

    Do you know if/when they will move them to the other satellite? I really want to ditch Dish Network sooner than later.
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    Question about locals...

    Do you know if/when they will move them to the other satellite? I really want to ditch Dish Network sooner than later.
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    Dish in Edmonton

    afaik, you either have to have access to a US address and a US based credit card for your billing or find a broker that will submit your payments for you. Unfortunaly, being in the us, I couldnt tell you anyting about the brokers, but I hear there are some bad ones out there. Best bet would to...
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    Question about locals...

    Believe me, Im far from a E* troll. I want to leave as soon as I can, but without hd locals, I just cant justify it. I forgot to sub to this thread and forgot all about it untill today.
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    Question about locals...

    Im in Ely, 89301 and jdspencer, no locals are avalible in hd where I live. In fact, I just heard that since we get all of out tv via repeaters (a few each from SLC, Vegas, and one from Reno), we are exempt from the Feb 2009 digital switchover. So if and when we ever get digital...
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    Goldent eye 007 comming to xbox live

    If you have Half Life 2 or any other source game, you can download the source mod Goldeneye: Source. They havent released the single player yet, but they have a bunch of the multi player levels playable online. Goldeneye Source - A Half-Life 2 Modification
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    to you laserdisc guys?

    Not entirely true. Yes, some of the early LD titles from the late 70's and early 80's (and pretty much any Sony title made after 1990) have a problem know as disk rot. Same thing happens to Cd's (and I presume one day, maybe dvds and HDM) as well. the data layer of the disk is made of...