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    4D MAP MASTER Progress report?

    I would have no problem paying a reasonable fee to get the maps right on my two 920s and (now) one 922. I know that the original program had problems with 920s (more than 922s) over the sidecar, so with all the effort going into this I would hope they can get around those issues. Once the...
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    Its time for a change.

    I also applaud you. However, one other thing has come into play is that the law no longer allows you to install a dish OVER 1 meter regardless of CCR's, HOA, City, and local ordinances. Thus a major legal point that used to be in C-bands favor is no longer available. A good portion of every...
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    2011 newbie C band setup

    I woulld definitely put 2-3 long lag bolts directly through the fence post and into the 6x6 uprights in addition to the clamps. Wind load can spin any dish that doesn't have a firmly fixed anchor point . Thats why you flare or bolt through the bottom of a post in cement. Once the post...
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    Free 8.5' Orbitron dish - Portland OR area.

    I have two people claiming interest. One here in Portland, but has to get a truck to transport. rv1pop , you have a LOT of sat stuff going on. I would love to have 20 acres, but I'd settle for just one. Wife, unfortunately, wants to live IN the city. HOAs , covenants and nosy neighbors...
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    Free 8.5' Orbitron dish - Portland OR area.

    Pics of 8.5 attached.
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    Free 8.5' Orbitron dish - Portland OR area.

    Dish was bought new in 99, and has small holes in the mesh (micro-mesh), so KU is fine with it. Not as much gain as a 10' though. I never was able to lock any dvb-s2 feeds with it , but the feeds are all partially blocked by trees where I had it mounted, after I got a s2 FTA receiver. So the...
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    Free 8.5' Orbitron dish - Portland OR area.

    Will try to get one in the next few days. This pic is from a few years ago when it was on my roof....doesn't show the dish very clearly though. When I moved it to ground level I straightened out all the dents and dings in the panels and reinforced the clips by inserting zinc metal strips in...
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    Free 8.5' Orbitron dish - Portland OR area.

    I have replaced my 8.5 Orbitron with a 10' Winegard. So the question is what to do with the dish? I cannot keep it as the wife wants it gone, and so I will give it to anyone that will come get it. Note: the Orbitron 8.5 is not able to be broken down ( easily ) so its best if you transport it...
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    cant map in the new maps

    If your 920 does not have G0 then use G9. If it doesn't have G0 then it probably has been Master Reset. Follow crakt's instruction either way.
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    4dtv battery

    One thing to watch on the battery holders from RS. Before removing the old battery, check that you measure the 3.6v on the leads from the new AA holder going out. I found that the buttons on the tadiran batteries are a little smaller than most AAs and the holders from RS may have a lip on...
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    4dtv battery

    I prefer to use full AA size lithiums to replace mine. Digi-Key - 439-1010-ND (Manufacturer - TL-2100/S) You can then wire two AA battery holders ( in parallel) into the circuit ( just hot melt glue them somewhere conventient to access) and away from the board before you start to remove the...
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    dsr 920

    Up to date software version on a 920 should be 6D, so you could be right about that being the problem.
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    Problem with 4d (or maybe just trees?)

    Rain started up again yesterday and was heavy in PM. Quality dropped again on X4 about 30% , but is back up this AM to the higher values again. Worst case the Quality dropped to 15 on X4-206 (note splitter is also back IN the system with 900-2150 range, dc pass one port.) Tried a 20db amp...
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    Problem with 4d (or maybe just trees?)

    I wish it were that simple. Those firs are easily 100+ feet tall, and worst of all they aren't on my property. Their trunks are about 250-300 feet away. The tree boles at ground level are about 2-1/2 to 3 feet in diameter. If I could cut them down, or top them they would have been gone in...
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    Problem with 4d (or maybe just trees?)

    Took the second 920 out to the dish and ran a cable straight to the C band Lnb. Signal jumped up to 78-85, quality better but not huge increase. However, that told me that cable is causing loss. I Traced along the cable (standard twin coax plus controls ribbon cable...) from house wall exit...
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    Problem with 4d (or maybe just trees?)

    I live near Portland, OR ( suburb) , hence the Douglas firs. Last night when I posted this X4-219 was signal 64 Quality 23. 217 was quality 9-10. Without moving anything, this morning X4 219 is signal 70, Quality 47. X4 217 is signal 68, quality 37. It has stopped raining , although still...
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    Problem with 4d (or maybe just trees?)

    :confused:I have been having an issue with my receiver/dish that has me puzzled. I think I know the answer, but maybe someone can clarify or verify for me . I have had a lot of trouble trying to get the Denver feeds ( 103 W RM8). In the past when they were on 135 I had no problem. At that time...
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    It's Time To Help Those Who Are Helping Us!

    920 receiver, manufacture 1999 day246 Firmware 6D X4 in place before Jan 1. originally 4 step converted with approx 4900 channels, tdt was at 1714 (maybe 1712) before the conversion (didn't check after). Channel count after conversion about 5000. Everything appeared okay for about 24 hours...
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    4dtv Mapping

    Nothing up there for the 4d to have KU connected. I just ran that cable to my PC for FTA and don't even connect it to the 4d. I connected it to see if I could get a more complete set of tiles for sats from Anik...not a GOOD thing to do now, but I was already in the deep rough after having to MR...
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    FTA and 4DTV 920 Receiver on one Dish

    This is the problem with a shared setup. One receiver or the other has to be the master for polarity since the voltage has to change with an LNBF, or the polarotor on a co rotor. I am facing the same dilemma. Controlling the polarity is a pain. I REALLY wish that someone would come up with...