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    Read About My Nightmare As A Dish Network Customer!

    Wow, I read your whole story! Took awhile. My conclusion is this: The installer was a moron (I am a D and E installer). Very poor workmanship and attitude. The next thing just reflects on what has been said. You signed for it, then apparently you approved of it! Sorry but normally thats the...
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    Professional Installers out there....I'm Desperate for Help

    Well after reading 8 pages of this I am exhausted! Bill, have they replaced the dish yet? If not try it. I feel sorry for you man! Your installers sound like they really suck! The simple things like skew, receivers, cable have been done. I also think that in that area you may be on the edge of...
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    Does this approach make any sense

    Only 2 Cities Are Getting "hd" Locals Ny And La! The Others Are Getting Their Regular Digital Locals! Once Again Only 2 Cities Ny And La!
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    Customer's Who Are Rude And Want Everything Free

    Candygirlly, you obviously know very little about how this works. Everyone else is correct in stating its a RECEIVE ONLY system!
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    Customer's Who Are Rude And Want Everything Free

    1st off your comparison is nice. Thank God I know a UPS driver. I know for fact that at Christmas yes they hire more help cause otherwise he would work 24 straight, as it is he works 16 plus a day during that time and DOES get piggy backed. 2nd the union did ruin the steel industry take it from...
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    Customer's Who Are Rude And Want Everything Free

    The middle men for the most part are all good hard working installers! Yes you have the few bad apples which should and can be weeded out, but you won't be seeing D start their own install department anytime soon. Basically what you have now are installers who are basically D employees, they...
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    Transponder selection & strength

    Could be an alignment issue if the tilt on the back is wrong. Also if the tilt is correct and the mount is not plumb still a problem. Now this is going back to the beginning of the phase 3 dishes the reason at nite appeared to be temp related. In Pa when we put them in during the winter at first...
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    Voom, CVC, FCC, and Installs, Inc. - What Now And Why?

    Once again as an installer for Installs Inc, they do what Voom tells them. The reason they don't have the problems with D and E is because they both NORMALLY have the equipment at the customers home before setting up an appointment. With Voom it was shipped (sometimes to the wrong) installer and...
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    Installs Inc

    Bradley, I work for a subcontractor of Installs inc. and let me tell you our hands are tied 99.9% of the time. MOST of us will do what it takes to get all OTA channels, but we must get it approved from Installs then they gotta pm it to voom and then its up to Voom. I carry the 8 bow-tie antenna...
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    FAQ for self-installers?

    As an installer I would run the 4 lines for you and hook them up to the multiswitch. Then I would also hook up the 4 lines to your tv's. Thats all included in the free install. Fishing wires up from a crawl space 3 floors is not. It can also be very time consuming. My suggestion is to call a...
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    Apartment Forcing Dish Removal !!!

    If you have the money, contact a lawyer and the FCC!
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    As an installer my company FORBIDS us to go onto a roof or shovel or for that matter salt a roof. (Don't laugh i actually had a customer ask me to do that). A broken leg or back or whatever isnt worth 100 bucks! One wrong move on a snow, ice covered roof and its like skateboarding off a cliff. I...
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    Can't seem to get the "Free offer" for free

    I know my company in Pa doesnt charge anything up front for a system up to 4 receivers and install. Free is Free in our book. Best Buys deal is nice and I will let you know everyone I have installed for them gets there rebate with no problems. :)
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    DIY Install. Good idea?

    Being an installer we typically mount them on the house itself, unless there is a Line Of Site issue then we may have to use a pole mount. Is there any brick where you are considering mounting the dish? If so I would use that area first. It all comes down to if you have a clear line of site from...
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    So-so VOOM Install

    Being an installer I was mostly displeased with your report. I do have some questions however. Are you aware that the best place for the OTA antenna is at the highest point on the house (or in) which leads me to my next question. Do you have an attic the installer could have put the antenna in...
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    Only Voom's OTA Antenna??

    In most cases your antenna with rotor will pick up better than the winegard they supply. As an installer i would be more than happy to use your antenna knowing i would probably have a better shot of receiving all of your local digital/HD channels. We normally end up upgrading most customers to...
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    RG6 cable for VOOM

    If you are burying the cable your best bet is to get whats called flooded cable. It has a silicon inside of it. Its a little better for direct burial. Most RG-6 cables today are good for all satellite installs. Yes it should be sweep tested for 2.2 MHZ though.
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    Disgruntled VOOM Employee

    Oh I'm sorry thought this was a site to post on voom, good or bad. I see we just want positive comments. Ok well buy voom by all means. I'm sure you will love it! I'll be glad to hook up your directv or dish when you have it deinstalled or they go belly up!
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    New Voom install.

    No tyork thats not my only work! Unfortunately its a part of it! Take the good with the bad! You know what though you are right I love my check and knowing that with Voom around I have job security! Because of Vooms willingness to pay for service calls its great. After swapping receivers 3 times...
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    New Voom install.

    What agenda could that be? Hmmm..... that unless someone comes in and fixes the numerous problems Voom will fail? Or that we are the ones in the field that have to deal with the upset customers everyday. Case in point. Had a customer call me yesterday cause he couldnt get locals. The Voom tech...