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  1. Hutch1814

    Not really sure where this even belongs

    Anybody using the DirectvNow service and your thoughts on it? Curious if my results have been the same as others Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. Hutch1814

    Shut off my service, now...

    So I refused to pay Directv $138 for 4 tvs any longer so me and my wife decided to call it quits with the service. Picked up a couple apple tvs, we already had one, and now we're new to this whole streaming thing. First, any apps recommended (we're not bootlegging but looking for CHEAP tv) and...
  3. Hutch1814

    Denon AVR

    So I have a Denon X-1000, nothing fancy, not bottom of the barrel of Denon but it is for its series. So I've had it since about the time the AVR launched with no issues and been very pleased only having $450 in it. Here's my question and before anybody says anything, I know it's the wrong thread...
  4. Hutch1814

    Completely off subject...

    I've been a member of the forums for a long time and I've had several discussions, agreements, disagreements, and a massive amounts of learning at my finger tips from this site. Actually made a friend, Jimbo, on this site and we've talked about getting together sometime. With that being said...
  5. Hutch1814

    Sat guys doing installs now?

    So apparently satellite guys are installing now, according to the man that just came to my door. He said "are you familiar with the sat guys website?" I said yes I am and he said well we're outta Iowa and we're now doing installs and you've been selected to be upgraded from Directv to dish! I...
  6. Hutch1814

    The Masters...

    So it's finally here, the 4K has finally the question. Who has watched the masters in 4K and was you impressed? Seen on a Vizio P-series and a Sony 4K, both looked the same and both was far from impressive thus far. I actually tuned back to the actual HD feed and was more impressed...
  7. Hutch1814

    NFL on FOX

    I'm in the Indy DMA and my local fox station seeks to be like freezing and moving freezing in moving like frame rates, not like low signals or anything. Anybody else seeing this? I'm watching on Fox59, HR24
  8. Hutch1814


    So I have no clue why I received this info today but apparently there's a class action lawsuit involving dish. is the website it told me to visit for questions. I'd rather come here [emoji6] so my question is, what exactly is this!? Has anybody else received this? I don't...
  9. Hutch1814

    Good to be back to sat guys

    Hey all, I'm finally making it back here. Had a pretty off the wall couple months. I talked to Jimbo about via text so he knows what's been going in a little. Nothing effecting my job, just a lot of personal stuff that's happened, nothing work related. Still with DTV so I'm gonna try to start...
  10. Hutch1814

    Trophy points

    I know this doesn't belong here and it'll get moved (sorry) but what in the hell is trophy points!? I can't find anything on them anywhere on here Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  11. Hutch1814

    Denon AVR/ HR24

    I know somebody has said something about audio video being slightly off here lately and never had an issue however I was watching Ted lastnight and noticed my audio was a little Off as well but I've never noticed it with my Yamaha receiver. I recently purchased a new Denon to replace the Yamaha...
  12. Hutch1814

    HR44 finally

    HR44's finally started rolling out in indi on Tuesday. Little behind but that's another market that can be confirmed for the HR44's and C41's
  13. Hutch1814

    Harmony smart control

    Has anybody used the harmony smart control remote yet? I have a 650 but the "ok" button has died and was looking at getting the smart control. Looks pretty easy to set up and having previous workings with harmony I think it'd be easy for me. I don't need RF and I don't wanna spend a lot of money...
  14. Hutch1814

    Private message?

    I know this doesn't belong here but I have no clue where to put it. Can a admin help me? I'm unable to view private messages. It says something along the lines if I'm not permitted to view private messages?
  15. Hutch1814

    Happy 4th of July

    Hope everybody has a good and safe 4th! Beer and burgers for all! :)
  16. Hutch1814

    Goodman networks

    HSP multiband was just bought out by goodman. Anybody have any details other than what small stuff I found online?
  17. Hutch1814

    7.99 protection plan

    I've seen on other forums and I think once here, the price stays the same at 5.99 for the first year IF you've signed up with in the past year effective I believe April 7th of 2012 until April 7th 2013. So if yours has went up and you fall with in this date you should prolly call and get the...
  18. Hutch1814

    New remote for the C41's

    Got to play with it for a little bit today. Really small but the IR sensor seemed really strong on it. Also, the volume up and down and Chanel up and down buttons are really hard to get use to.
  19. Hutch1814

    klipsch KF28's

    I recently bought a new set of towers (above) and I'm having troubles. I'm not sure if its the speakers, receiver, or wiring. Some songs play and sound flawless and others sound crackly and distorted. I sat on the remote once and the receiver volume shot up with a quickness, however, I don't...
  20. Hutch1814

    Tech forum?

    Just curious, am I the only one that don't have a tech forum option anymore? Checked the iPad, iPhone, HTC, and laptop and don't have it anywhere