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  1. sharpee

    Hamvention 2009

    Anyone here going to the Dayton Hamvention May 15-17?? This will be my first one. I've been a ham since 2002. I hope to find some FTA stuff there.
  2. sharpee

    C Band Qith Traxis 3500

    Hey guys, I'm making plans to get into cband as soon as i get a BUD. I've been offered a couple for free, i just have to see wich one is easier to bring home.:) Anyways, has anyone on this forum used the traxis 3500 on the cband freq? I'm just curious on how it compares with the other...
  3. sharpee

    Multi LNB Spacing

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if it's possible to to use 2 lnbs spaced 2.5 deg instead of the recommended 3 deg. I'm interested in adding a second lnb on my Telstar12 dish for reception of Atlantic Bird 1. Would that be possible?? Well, winter is just around the corner (I Hate it when its too...
  4. sharpee

    Free C Band Dish

    Hey Everyone, I hope all you dish heads are having a great summer. This past monday I did a job at a house that has a 10' (or maybe 12') mesh dish. The owner asked me if i knew anyone that wanted it for free. I told her I would love to have it. However my wife will not let me put it in our...
  5. sharpee

    Ask and it shall be given

    Seek and you will find your dish!. Well, i finally picked up my first Primestar (Free Of Charge) from a client of mine who was very happy to see it go away. Im very thankful for the wealth of information you guys have posted on this gem. I'm gonna try to do a "retrofit" to a smaller pipe since...
  6. sharpee

    Another 18 inch Dish Thread

    Hello Everyone! Its been a long time since i posted anything. Just wanted to comment on using a smaller dish for FTA. I like the reply z4ccamaro had on his setup for hispasat. That got me thinking. So the other day i pulled out my old directv 18" and aimed for SBS6 ( my true south sat) and...
  7. sharpee

    Intelsat 805

    Hope everyone had a nice mothers day. I'm wondering if anyone is geting signals from Intelsat 805 with a 6' dish? In particular, TV Capixaba T13 Freq-3932 ID-3255 Is this possible? I'm in eastern PA near Philly Thanks Guys! :)
  8. sharpee


    I know this topic was covered not to long ago. I cant seem to find the thread. I want to add my extra lnb to my setup the sat (AT BIRD 1)is 3 deg E of my curr bird Telstar 12. What side would i put the lnb & how far away from the curr lnb? Is this possible? Thanks
  9. sharpee

    Still no success

    Ive been trying to set up my simple system: A Traxis 3500 & a 30x35 inch dish with a standard LNBF. (Traxis Received about 2 weeks ago) After 2 weeks I'm ready to give up. Ive done much research throughout the threads and still nothing. (Very discouraged!) According to the info PSB posted for...
  10. sharpee

    Sr-fec Sid-vpid

    Hi everyone! I was told I can check a transponder signal with my Traxis 3500 When it comes to the symbol rate field (or,SR-FECSID-VPID) as listed in Lyngsat, the chart shows "2893-? 773" I would only input 2893 right? Again, Thanks Sharpee
  11. sharpee


    I want to get myself an inclinometer. I did a aearch on the major chain retailers. No one had an "inclinometer" for sale. But I found an angle finder at Lowes. Attahched is a pic of it : can someone let me know if this would help me out?? Sharpee
  12. sharpee

    30*35 inch dish

    Hello everyone, Just joined the group. Great discussions, very educational! Picked up a 30 x 35 inch dish at a flea market with 11.7-12.75ghz lnb for $20 The dish appears in great shape (not disformed). Then I ordered a Traxis DVB 3500 receiver. I still cant get any signal. I'm trying to get...