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  1. duckydan

    F/S 2 VIP 211k Receivers - New in box

    I have 2 VIP 211k receivers sealed in boxes. They were purchased from dishstore but we got some extras and we don't need these two. I can have one of the DiRT team members check the R00 and S19 #s to verify for you but these receivers have never been activated and are not under any contract...
  2. duckydan

    Dish Network VIP 722 Receiver FS

    I have an owned VIP 722 receiver for sale. The receiver has been disconnected for about 6 months but was in perfect working condition prior to disconnect. I can provide R00 # and Smart Card numbers to verify ownership prior to the transaction. (Does not have original box though.)...
  3. duckydan

    Full signal and responsive receiver but no video

    I never had this happen before but in the middle of watching tv (did not matter if it was OTA or Satellite). The receiver was fully responsive and I could watch videos fro the DVR. I did a signal test and everything tested normal but still no video. Same with a diagnostic test and system info...
  4. duckydan

    Problem with receiver (owned/leased)

    I purchased an HR24 from a local shop back in November and was told that since they do not deal with DirecTV it would be an owned receiver. When I activated the receiver it was confirmed by the person who activated it that the receiver was owned and it would not be a problem. Fast forward two...
  5. duckydan

    MRV Problem - Frequent Disconnects

    I am having a problem with MRV between my HR 24 and an HR 22. They are running through my home network with the HR 22 connected wirelessly using the wireless gaming adapter they sent me and the HR 24 being a wired connection. When they work everything streams flawlessly when connected but...
  6. duckydan

    Laundry list of problems with HR-22

    Hello. I have been complaining to D* about a list of problems with my HR22, have the protection plan, and still they will not swap out the receiver. So before I continue bitching at them can someone confirm if these problems are the norm? - 10 - 12 seconds for a channel to change with...
  7. duckydan

    Rainfade - worse on D* than whan I had E*

    I'm hoping to get an answer to the title which is that I have had a lot more rainfade problems with D* than I had in the few years I was with E*. I live in a 2 story row home with no line of sight issues. I had E* for a few years and only in extremely severe weather would I lose signal...
  8. duckydan

    F/S Samsung BDP-1600 w/ Remote

    I am selling my Samsung BDP-1600 Blu-Ray player. This player has been very lightly used and comes with remote. Has been upgraded to the latest firmware. Selling because I just purchased a newer model. Asking $100 shipped.
  9. duckydan

    My Last Day With Dish

    Today is my last day with E* due to the incompitent installer they sent me today. On Friday my VIP 722 blew and wouldn't even power on. I called tech support and was told that they would waive all fees (including the $5.99 service plan) and would be out today. The tech came out today...
  10. duckydan

    Free Gift from E* for signing up for E-Mail Notifications

    I just received an e-mail from Dish Network that had the following text: "Dear _______________, As a DISH Network customer, you receive occasional service-related messages from us about your account, but we noticed you might be missing out on the best DISH Network has to offer! We'd...
  11. duckydan

    Annoying Receiver Problem - Info Screen

    I am having an extremely annoying problem with my VIP 722. This only happens in the evening which makes it even more peculiar. Randomly the program info page appears during the program I'm watching. I have changed the remote code, used a different remote and changed that remote's code, and...
  12. duckydan

    Photography Monitor?

    Hey all... there's a lot of people here with more knowledge than I have so maybe someone can help me here. My company is looking to buy a monitor for graphic design and photography. The monitor they told me was the Eizo CG301W which costs about $5k. I looked around and saw two monitors with...
  13. duckydan

    What type of amplifier will I need on a 300' cable run

    Hey all, I have a cable run at the office that is between 250' and 300' when pulled. Needless to say I have absolutely no signal for the receiver at the other end. Is there any type of in-line amplifier (or even an amp as the line comes off of the switch) that would amplify the signal...
  14. duckydan

    Star Trek TOS Blu-Ray FT/FS

    I have a copy of Star Trek: TOS on Blu-Ray for sale (only the first disc has been watched. Mint with slipcover). Asking $55 shipped via paypal or amazon gc.
  15. duckydan

    WD TV, 4 Hard Drives (3.75tb), and a USB Hub

    I am looking to sell my WD TV (complete with remote and HDMI cable) along with 3.75tb (2 - 1tb WD My Books, 1 - 1tb Fantom Green Drive, and 1 - 750gb WD My Book) and a 4 port USB hub (so that you can use all drives at once) I am looking to get $375 shipped in the US, slightly more for worldwide...
  16. duckydan

    Xbox 360 w/ game + accessories

    I have an Xbox 360 that I'm trying to sell / trade. It is running with the Falcon motherboard with HDMI out and comes with a 120gb Hard Drive 2 wireless remotes and the choice of either Fallout 3 or Wheelman. I am looking to get $250 for it or trade for a PS3 (any size HD as long as it works)...
  17. duckydan

    Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote - $225

    I am selling my Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote. The remote comes complete with remote, charging station, and in its original box. Remote works great but I no longer have a use for it. Asking $225 shipped. Edit: New price - $200 shipped in the US
  18. duckydan

    Cartoon Network No More?

    I was reading this article online today and was suprised that I didn't see it here anywhere: Cartoon Network ditching all-'toon format Cartoon Network promises more Live Action! | Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation Basically speaking Cartoon Network is dropping...
  19. duckydan

    Best Switch To Install 36 Receivers?

    Ok this is really my working around the problem I asked about before. I've pretty much come to the conclusion my issue is most likely a switch problem since it wasn't exactly dish recommended switches. I'm looking to use a Dish supported switch (such as a DP34) but from what I'm reading...
  20. duckydan

    Loss of signal on some receivers

    I have a problem I am stumped on. I have 6 receivers hooked up to a switch. 1 VIP 722, 3 Dish 301 Receivers, and 2 VIP 211k receivers. The VIP 722 and VIP 211k receivers are seeing everything on the checkswitch and all satellites are being detected and all channels are working fine. On...