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  1. HDRoberts

    After 8 years, time to say goodbye to Dish

    I'm finally doing it. I'm saying goodbye to pay TV. I just got a used Tivo Premiere with lifetime on Ebay, and will be getting my programming almost exclusively from OTA, DVDs/Blu-Ray's from the library and my own collection, and Amazon Instant video. Prices keep going up, and the quality...
  2. HDRoberts

    Finding Dirt In The New Software

    In the old software, it was easy to find what DIRT members are online by looking for the red text at the bottom. How can I find them quickly in the new software?
  3. HDRoberts

    So which of you is this?

    Saw this image posted to reddit. The ridiculous thing is most of their commenters thought someone was operating a radio telescope. So fess up, who is it? Discussion:
  4. HDRoberts

    Small(er) Indoor OTA Antenna with good VHF-Hi coverage

    I have a friend that just got married and moved into a small apartment. He is OTA only, and I was trying to help him get an indoor antenna that would work. I gave him my old RCA ANT150, a loop/rabbit ear combo with a built in amplifier. He gets all the main Cleveland channels save one, WOIO...
  5. HDRoberts

    The box that would make me embrace IPTV

    I promised in the pub to post my ideal IPTV solution here. I've been waffling over cancelling my internet versus cancelling TV to save money. On the surface, I love the idea of IPTV combined with OTA. But in practice, I find major issues. IPTV apps seem to take forever to load, and then I...
  6. HDRoberts

    How bad is the DVR

    UVerse is beating down my door to get service from me, and when my latest Dish contract was up, I was mildly considering it. However, my biggest worry is the quality of their DVR. I hate slow boxes, love the Dish 30 second skip, and don't care to monkey with too many menus to do simple tasks...
  7. HDRoberts

    Viber App and Battery Life

    iPhone 5 user here. Anyone notice a new power drain from the Viber app (for the uninitiated, Viber is a free VOIP app that needs to remain in the background to receive calls)? Noticed my phone losing power much more quickly of late (after updating a lot of apps), so I tried keeping the...
  8. HDRoberts

    Hopper/PTAT Question

    Well, looks like my 622 may be having issues. I'll probably replace with another 622 or a 722, but I was also thinking about a Hopper as well. I just had one question on Primetime Anytime. My understanding is it records all 6 networks off the spotbeam for the prime time hours using one tuner...
  9. HDRoberts

    Programming Dispute Looming: Local TV LLC....dispute avoided

    Just an FYI from a Dish customer, looks like Directv has the possibility of pulling channels this weekend. Looks like Local TV LLC is the other party. Saw this notice with WJW in Cleveland: Saw similar notices a...
  10. HDRoberts

    Slingbox Solo on eBay

    Selling my slingbox solo on eBay, for any satguys who may be looking for one. Sling Media Slingbox Solo - eBay (item 120715194114 end time Apr-29-11 07:21:11 PDT)
  11. HDRoberts

    Article: Why Ham Radio Endures in a World of Tweets

    Thought you Ham Radio geeks might appreciate this article. Why Ham Radio Endures in a World of Tweets | Epicenter |
  12. HDRoberts

    Uplink Forum Default Sort Changed?

    The uplink forum used to have a default thread sort based on time posted rather than last post, which is the default for the rest of the forum. To me, sorting by post in the uplink made sense as it would put the most recent changes at the top. But now, it seems to behave like any other thread...
  13. HDRoberts

    Seriously considering OTA only - Any flaws in my plan?

    With a pending nearly 17% increase in my Dish America pack, and with the realization that the only cable shows I really care that much about are online, I'm seriously looking at OTA/Netflix only (maybe with some Hulu on the PC thrown in). But before I did, I thought I'd check for any flaws in...
  14. HDRoberts

    This season's Amazing Race looks fun...but painful

  15. HDRoberts

    Can't DVR free previews now?

    So we just started a free preview of the Cooking Channel. I figure while I've got it, I'll record a show staring a local chef (Cook Like an Iron Chef). So I go to set up the DVR like normal, and instead of letting record, it brings up the non-subscribers message (Message 371). Last...
  16. HDRoberts

    TVLand's First Original Scripter "Hot in Cleveland"

    TV Land's first scripted series is out toningt. I probably would be far less interesed if it were not set in my home town. But it looks moderately entertaining, kind of new "Golden Girls". I guess the fact that is is the Golden Girls remade slighly forgives the fact this is an original series...
  17. HDRoberts

    List of HD Channels Not Available on Dish Network: Version 3

    Channels Available in SD on Dish Network not in HD – 14 Channels American Movie Classics HD ESPNU HD Fuel TV HD Fuse TV HD Galvision HD (ANNOUNCED-Coming in June) Independent Film Channel HD ION TV HD NASA TV HD (FULL TIME COMING SOON) Outdoor Channel HD Oxygen HD RFD-TV HD Telemundo HD...
  18. HDRoberts

    Darn, used LG 42LH30 screen died - Thoughts?

    Mistake - please delete
  19. HDRoberts

    Darn, used LG 42LH30 screen died - Thoughts?

    Alright, bought an LG 42LH30 off Amazon warehouse deals. Bought it in, checked it out, seemed to go well. Got a picture, put it on my stand, went to the Picture Wizard to adjust color and what not, and the picture disappears. No nothing. No LG menus or anything. Tried to flip the power...
  20. HDRoberts

    Season 6, Episode 9: Ab Aeterno

    At last. This is the episode I've been waiting for. If you stopped watching in season 4 or 5, this is a good ep to come back to. Why? We finally find out the Sneak Peeks: [video=youtube;haK5vvnbWTk]"]YouTube - Lost - 6.09 - Ab Aeterno - Official...