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  1. dreddick

    722 HD died - DIRT?

    Would a DIRT member PM me when they get online today? The drive in my 722 died last night and I want to look into getting it replaced. Thanks! David
  2. dreddick

    MLS Direct Kick?

    Is Dish no longer carrying Direct Kick? I find it listed on DirecTV and cable sites - but the Dish Facebook page told me that no provider has Direct Kick as it was discontinued? An online chat with Dish and the rep had never heard of the package.
  3. dreddick

    Temple of Doom - pixelation?

    I caught the first 15 minutes of Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom on Epix as it was recording on my 722 last night and saw several scenes with bad pixelation in them. Anyone else see this? Just wondering if it was something in my system or if it was coming down that way...
  4. dreddick

    Dish Remote Access still wrong

    Ever since beta for Dish Remote Access my local HD channels in the grid are wrong. I get Toledo, OH locals and my grid shows locals for Arizona. I know that some of you were seeing similar problems. Has anyone that was having this problem since had it corrected? I use the link for bug feedback...
  5. dreddick

    No HD on STO tonight

    This is posted on the Sports Time Ohio site regarding tonight's game - Dish drops the ball again... ALERT: Dish Network will NOT air the Saturday May 9th Indians/Tigers game in HD. This is a Dish Network decision. Please contact them to voice any concerns. Thank you.
  6. dreddick

    No DVR function on 2 new HD locals

    Strange problem with a 722 and now a replacement 722. Short version - my HD locals were turned on last week and 2 of the 4 channels (Fox and ABC) do not have DVR functionality. Long version - I recently started getting intermittent error 311s on my 6 month old 722 and support said this was...
  7. dreddick

    722 + 1TB HD + USB Hub and fan - works

    After reading a thread here about DVR temperatures I recently decided to add a Thermaltake USB powered fan to the side of my 722. I had also planned to add an external hard drive and figured that there may be a problem with using a USB hub connected to the 722 to plug in both the fan and the HD...
  8. dreddick

    L468 on the 625

    Huzzah - L468 finally allows us to turn off that ridiculous 908 remote control mode message on the 625. Thanks Dish!