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  1. Conner Dain

    Dish 811 and Panasonic ES20S DVD Recorder

    I'm having the same problem. Has anyone figured this out?:confused:
  2. Conner Dain

    New VOOM HD channels - Are they worth the effort?

    This is obviously directed at those members who have upgraded to the MPEG4 receivers. Are the new HD channels work the trouble and expense?
  3. Conner Dain

    hd looks better on 211

    Did you have to do anything other than activate the unit? Meaning, did your (or the installer) have to make any other changes like a new dish?
  4. Conner Dain

    No COMPELLING reason to upgrade, sorry Charlie

    Agreed. The extra content is just not worth the hassle. Even at the $99 price point. I'm waiting for more content.
  5. Conner Dain

    HD vs. HDlite

    I could not agree more. Don't get me wrong..I don't like that the quality of the HD VOOM channels has been intentially lowered. But I noticed a BIG difference in the quality of the channels when VOOM died. But the question is: Just what better options do HD users have? Be it "true" HD or...
  6. Conner Dain

    Desperate for an XBox 360 by XMas?

    ...Or you could wait for the first price cut. They'll be much easier to find and there will be a TON of available games by then. That's my plan.
  7. Conner Dain

    Voom Bandwidth Solution

    Frankly, I'd be happy with five TRUE HD movie channels if the content was varied and didn't repeat endlessly.
  8. Conner Dain

    Is Voom OUT??

    Hmmm, I'm seeing the same thing. I thought my disk was somehow out of alignment. Audio is dropping out as well. What's going on?
  9. Conner Dain

    Microsoft's CEO will have to shop for his Xbox

    What is really disturbing is that he would think anyone that gullible. There's no doubt that he could have one sitting on his desk in minutes with one phone call.
  10. Conner Dain

    Dish messing with Voom, All are now HD-Lite 1280x1080i: Discuss this issue HERE!

    I received the same response last night.
  11. Conner Dain

    The True HD era has come to an end and the HD Lite era will continue!

    While this is certainly a step back, the pronouncement "The True HD era has come to an end...." is nothing short of hyperbole. This is a temporary setback. If E* doesn't eventually offer "true" HD, someone else will. Like every other business, the market makes the decision. The simple truth...
  12. Conner Dain

    XBOXES Already SOLD OUT!

    I feel SOO good about my decision to wait til the first price cut. By that time you'll be able to pick a unit up anywhere and there will be lots of games out. There will ALSO be lots of used games from the early adopters.
  13. Conner Dain

    Did you get your 3-D Glasses? Medium in 3-D 11/21

    Are we talking about simple red-green Anaglyphic glasses?
  14. Conner Dain

    Anyone know what's up with the Voom format changes?

    I almost don't care how it shakes out...I just want it to HAPPEN! I love my VOOM channels, but I want MORE!
  15. Conner Dain

    The rest of the VOOM 21 ready to be uplinked to DISH!!!!

    Let's hope Sizzle HD is what Guy HD SHOULD have been. :)
  16. Conner Dain

    The rest of the VOOM 21 ready to be uplinked to DISH!!!!

    Ok, Stupid several questions... I'm a Dish HD subscriber with my beloved VOOM channels via a dish pointed at 61.5. When I go home this afternoon will these channels be active? I looked last night and they weren't. If they are not active, what (if anything) will I need to do to activate them...
  17. Conner Dain

    Is Monsters HD going to Wow us this Halloween?

    Regarding the Playboy Halloween special, if it's anything like last year, it will be a big yawn. It's a party with naked or nearly-naked breast-augmented airheads. If that's your thing, enjoy.
  18. Conner Dain

    Is Monsters HD going to Wow us this Halloween?

    Making any comparison between AMC and MonstersHD is silly. AMC has commercials, isn't HD, generally runs pan&scan movies, and SEVERELY edits their movies. Monsters HD is DEVOTED to horror films. I have no idea why anyone would waste their time watching AMC. Granted, MonstersHD would benefit...
  19. Conner Dain

    Voom Guide

    I've been wondering about the "missing" listings as well. If MonstersHD goes, so goes my VOOM add on. I keep hoping they will begin showing some movies I actually want to see.
  20. Conner Dain

    Wow...Dish Still Has Serious Equipment Issues

    Two weeks for me with a 811 and no problems to speak of. I'd love a 942, but I'm too cheap to buy one. If they ever offer them for lease, I'll be all over it.