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  1. comfortably_numb

    Motor woes

    Last night, my Stab HH-90 lost its mind. It doesn't track to USALS positions anymore. It moves, albeit to the wrong sats. For instance, blind scanning 95W Ku renders me TP's from 103W. I have wiped my Amiko hd.265 twice, re-entered my coordinates (twice) to no avail. Help! Does this seem like a...
  2. comfortably_numb

    Notifications / alerts question

    Is there a way to disable the "suspense" of an alert until you've viewed a thread in a watched forum? To clarify, when I log into Satelliteguys I might have 15 alerts. 8 are from likes, 4 are from threads I'm watching, and 3 are from new threads I don't want to read. But the alert persists until...
  3. comfortably_numb

    Looters raiding LA cargo trains of Amazon, UPS shipments
  4. comfortably_numb

    Streaming 4K on Dell XPS 13 laptop

    I just bought a new Dell XPS laptop which has the OLED 4K UHD display. Netflix will play 4K movies, but not Vudu, Movies Anywhere, or Amazon Prime. Haven't tried any other services yet. What gives? Kinda a bummer to spend all this money on a 4K laptop that doesn't really do much 4K at all...
  5. comfortably_numb

    New research shows dogs can differentiate between human languages
  6. comfortably_numb

    Happy to be back in the Edision OS MIO 4K fold

    My good friend raydio sent me his Edision as a Christmas present. Boy am I glad to have one of these receivers again. I forgot what I was missing out on.
  7. comfortably_numb

    AARP ranks top 9 places to retire

    Cedar Falls, IA is #1
  8. comfortably_numb

    Man beats pet store customer with dog bone Ouch!
  9. comfortably_numb

    Your credit score may soon depend on your web history 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a documentary...
  10. comfortably_numb

    Egg McMuffin is 63 cents tomorrow
  11. comfortably_numb

    Visible (Verizon) one month for $5

    If anyone is tempted to try them out, use my friend code, 33ZHFNT. You'll get your first month of service for only $5 Unlimited 5G on Verizon's network Unlimited hotspot Wifi calling VoLTE
  12. comfortably_numb

    Welcome new tuner in Albuquerque/Santa Fe DMA!

    Thanks to raydio for setting up a tuner for the ABQ/Santa Fe market!
  13. comfortably_numb

    Universal LNB question

    My new universal LNB just arrived. Just wondering what settings I need to adjust in my receiver to make it work? Do I lock-on the tone for all satellites? What LO do I use? Thanks in advance!
  14. comfortably_numb

    Finally got motor installed. Need some help..

    Where do I find the cooridinates required on this screen in the Amiko hd.265?
  15. comfortably_numb

    FOUND!! Motor to move my 90cm GSP dish

    Hello everyone, looking for a motor to move my 90 cm dish. I had one in a box that I thought would work, but it doesn't If you have a motor you're willing to part with, PM me :)
  16. comfortably_numb alternate audio lagging behind video feed

    Watching St Louis vs Chicago live video broadcast tonight and the KMOX radio feed overlay is lagging behind the Bally Sports video feed by about 10 seconds. Anybody else have issues with this? It occurs on all platforms (Roku, Windows)
  17. comfortably_numb

    Visible (Verizon) Labor Day special $15 / 2 months

    Instant activation if your phone supports e-sim. I just did it!
  18. comfortably_numb

    Trying dual SIM functionality on iPhone 12 for the first time

    I'm considering a switch to ATT. I wanted to try it out first and compare the coverage to my current carrier (Verizon). With an e-SIM, I'm able to use the full functionality of both carriers and compare signal levels in real time. I can also set one number as primary, one as secondary, and set...
  19. comfortably_numb

    SOLD!! Amazon gift card

    Received another Amazon e-gift card for my birthday last week. Value is $25, asking $21.50. I can accept Paypal or Venmo (cheaper than Paypal). Send PM to purchase :)
  20. comfortably_numb

    SOLD!! $100 Amazon gift card

    I really need to tell my family I don't regularly shop at Amazon... almost my birthday and they sent me another $100 card. Asking $93.50. Please PM me to purchase. Paypal only. After payment is made I will provide the card information and/or mail it.