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  1. outbackjack

    Happy Easter guys!!

    I always read all these years but seldom post. But you all are my extended satellite family. Happy Easter and hope all of you have a great day celebrating Christ's resurrection.
  2. outbackjack

    retro shows on roku

    I currently can not get metv on my fta setup and was thinking on buying the roku lt to support my retro TV habit. first can someone tell me if metv is on roku. second ques is a short list of retro TV on the roku. Third is I read that the roku lt runs better than the HD due to heat issues. is...
  3. outbackjack

    why did dish drop ifc

    I am already sad about amc but why did if get tossed also. I watch both channels on a regular basis.
  4. outbackjack

    anyone else lost metv

    I have been able to get this TV and me TV till the other day. Now I only get this TV. Anyone else loose me TV?
  5. outbackjack

    usb prof 7500 dvb-s2 for trade

    i am no longer using a pc based fta setup. my prof 7500 has had little use. i was wondering if anyone here would like to trade their no longer used digital lcd meter (example: something like a used traxis or signal cat II). it doesnt have to be pretty but does need to work. one that tells...
  6. outbackjack

    Linux knowledge for pctv setup

    I have been using winxp with my prof 7500. the apps vary from mediaportal, sichbo and smartdvb. sichbo and smart seem to be the best of the bunch. i have never had luck with prog, dvbdream and the rest oh them. i continue to have issues that i think are more windows related (bsod, ac3 decoding...
  7. outbackjack

    3-5 percent gain on WSI 6 Footer Mod

    It has been a while since I have posted due to continued illness. i have wanted to offer some help in some way so here is a tidbit. i tried this a bit ago and maybe it will help others bump a signal that isn't watchable. i added a covering over the hole in the center of the dish. first time i...
  8. outbackjack

    diseq, how many breaks in rg6 before signal degradation?

    first i know that any cable break isn't advisable. but because of the weather i am limited to how i need to set up this new lnb geosat c/ku. i have my burried line going to the 6 footer. at the house the cable connects to ground block. then another runs inside to the motor. then from the motor...
  9. outbackjack

    is it time to ax timewarner?

    first i want to keep only high speed internet (if it is really highspeed). but for the cable my package is high speed and cable... 130 a month!!!! they wont offer me anything less in price. i get most of what i want on fta. direct cant get a l.o.s. unless they go as far as the neighbors property...
  10. outbackjack

    satav c/ku lnbf setup with gbox?

    i searched the threads in cband but i couldnt find anything. i got a new geosat c/ku from satav. it shipped extremely fast and seems to be extremely well built. the deal and packaging was awesome!! it is a heavier build than the other c/ku i have and the scaler is bigger:) my question is when i...
  11. outbackjack

    can anyone help with sichbopvr and prof 7500

    i wanteed to know if anyone can help with sichbo and ffdshow ssettings for gdmx mux. i was able to finally get another hd channel to run from 3846 tp. i can not figure what settings for gdmx. i only get audio and no video. the geforce 8400 works great but im missing a proper setting ffdshow. any...
  12. outbackjack

    Merry Christmas and big thanks

    I hope i am posting this in the right place. first i wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone here. looking over the past year i cant express my thankyous enough for all the help i received from the great members at this forum. it is like a second home to me. i am hoping that as i learn i can...
  13. outbackjack

    actuator clamp question

    well i spent last night putting the actuator back in the holder. i got the wsi discount dish and actuator combo. everything is working very well except the bracket for the actuator will not hold it. i cranked the holder down but the actuator keeps pushing out of the bracket to the point of...
  14. outbackjack

    Smartdvb codecs question for Prof 7500

    O finally got the prof 7500. my system is older. dvbworld, dvbviewer, altdvb all crash on xp (prob cause i only have 256mb video memory). my question is i can get smartdvb to run real smooth with analog but it will not recognize any codecs for h 264. im using fflorian in smartdvb but i cant get...
  15. outbackjack

    tevii pci-e?

    does anyone have one of these? sadoun has them at a really good price. i read good reviews from other sites but i wanted some input from the experts:) if you have one, has the experience been good? i have been holding off because most of these cards or usb box's from what i read seem to work...
  16. outbackjack

    lnb question

    i have looked through the different manuals but it gets blurry after awhile with all the information. since i put an actuator on my dish i never moved the skew of the lnb from when it was fixed on one sat. with the polar mount should the skew now be back to zero like my ku dish? i didnt know if...
  17. outbackjack

    gbox or vbox for dish deal

    now that the 6 foot dish deal is in the process of being assembled what is the preference for the 24 inch powermax a gbox or vbox? i've been trying to find which one is the best choice or are they equal. thanks guys for any help
  18. outbackjack

    any experience with LIFEVIEW FLYTV on fleebay

    i just found these on fleebay. they are being sold from america and they do have a website. i cant find anything about usals/diseq or blindscan. does anyone have experience with cards from this company. heres the fleebay and website links. Animation Technologies Inc. LIFEVIEW FLYTV EXPRESS X1...
  19. outbackjack

    new to cband side fixed sat ques

    well tomorrow robbies deal comes by ups. until i get a vbox what sat from 87-99 would be best to try to lock? i have a dmx 741 (will only use for c) or a bsc 421 for this. basically something to lock for the most gen ent channells. or is it poss to get 87-91 or 95-99 with one setting knowing...
  20. outbackjack

    i can receive 58w and 43w with mini-c but not ku?

    as i continue to try to figure out dialing the motor in the arc i received a stumping point. i hooked up a bsc 421 and was able to lock 58w and 43w (some of the stronger tps). what i cant figure is why cant i get lower than 61w on my ku lnb. i know c band is wider range but i must be set...