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  1. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Windstorm wrecked the Fortec dish, anyone have a spare part?

    So the big wind storm in Minnesota took out my Dish! Thankfully it looks okay, but the LNB holder cracked in half. Does anyone have a spare part? Also, if anyone has a 36" dish they'd like to unload in the area PM me. I could use an upgrade after 15 years :)
  2. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Getting Radio to play on Linux

    One of my favorite parts of the Mio is being able to play video on my computer from the box with ease -- REALLY nice for election night when keeping an eye on the horserace last week. However the radio channels seem to play randomly, or never at all. I've tried both VLC and SMPlayer (the latter...
  3. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Former FTA Mainstay raided, church leaders arrested

    It's been awhile since I saw SMNI (fka KJC-TV) on 97 West, looks like there's been a crackdown: The shows always seemed to be a duller version of the TBN but with a lot more...
  4. DiscoLoveGrapes

    When this guy greets you in the morning...

    So you're watching a nature film late a night and go to bed. The next morning you turn on the TV and see:
  5. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Kuwaiti/Arabic Sesame Street

    I've noticed that KTV1 is running Iftah Ya Simsim, aka a co-production of Sesame Street weeknights at 9:30pm Central. It's been fun catching Sesame Street versions on the Dish -- I've seen the Dutch version on BVN in the past. Have you found any others?
  6. DiscoLoveGrapes

    The Joys of RTV Commercials

    Ah, Saturday Morning cartoons. It's cold out, there's laundry and cleaning to do, so let's turn on the Archies. There's another cartoon next, but first a commercial*DO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE HAVE A TRANSVAGINAL MESH?!??* The Monkees would have never done this to me...
  7. DiscoLoveGrapes

    SAT-7 Channel coming to 97 West

    Just saw this in the magazine Christianity Today: SAT-7 is another Christian Channel, but a little less of a "Televangelist" feel. Some movies and other shows have been shown...
  8. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Iran Broadcasts dropping from Satellite (Not 97W Yet)

    Yikes -- it sounds like Iran's reputation is finally catching up with itself, it's been dropped from Eutelsat in Europe and Asia: No word on anything in the North American satellite world...
  9. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Turn Your Knob -- to BOB (TV)

    It looks like NBC is getting into the National Subchannel business as well -- attempting something possibly called "Bob TV" NBCUniversal is folding seven local digital news and lifestyle subchannels into a single national channel that will air retro reruns during the day and lifestyle...
  10. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Need to Wipe Openbox s9 Completely of Channels and Memory

    The good news is that I finally returned my terribly out-of-place dish recently. The bad news is that my Openbox wants to remember where the old 1.2 places are. Worse -- for some reason, the USALS will go to the right place...If I tell it to go to 99, it flawlessly picks up everything on...
  11. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Luken buys LPT stations in Midwest

    Alas, nothing close enough to Minneapolis/St. Paul, but some other nearby places might get one of the Lusken (RTV/Tuff/PBJ) channels soon. From A company headed by Henry G. Luken III, the CEO of the company that owns the "Retro TV" and "Tuff TV" networks, is buying seventeen...
  12. DiscoLoveGrapes

    NBCs still there on 103?

    I tried picking up the S2 NBC channels on 103West Ku tonight, hoping to record the Chuck premiere, but came up empty-handed. Are they still around? Lyngsat seems to think otherwise, but that might just be over-zealous editors...
  13. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Africa Cup of Nations games on G25

    ORTM (Mali) and RTS Dispora (Senegal) have the games right now. Both are on 97 West, and right now both are in French. This might be a good Sat to check to live games for the rest of the month!
  14. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Great program (Free!) for Converting CS8100HD Files

    Before they went south, it seemed like the Coolsat 8100HD was the ideal box for FTAers -- at least before AZBox. The one issue people have with it seems to be converting those weirdo TP files to something usable. While VideoReDo is great, another option is to use Format Factory - and convert...
  15. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Fat Albert on The Word Network

    Hey, hey, hey!! It's a strange time, but if you're up at 4am Central Saturday's morning they've got an hour of Fat Albert on The Word Network...97 West Ku or 91W C.
  16. DiscoLoveGrapes

    A Primestar, a C-Band LNB, and hoping the landlord is blind

    I finally got around to putting up a Primestar 40x30 in the backyard and after watching near everything peg 80-99% on AMC4, I tilted it over slightly to 99W and strung up a C-Band LNB. The good news is the WAPA popped up right away at 49% on my Fortec Lifetime. After slight tweaking it went...
  17. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Diagnosing a stuck motor

    My motor was acting funny for the last few days -- randomly moving around the full arc before finally settling down on the right satellite. This morning it took a really, really long time finding the right spot. I finally restarted the box and it settled down. Tonight it's just not moving at...
  18. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Promotional Video for DMC on G19

    In between the chanting and the messages on the Buddhist DMC channel, there are some rather amusing animations. Some include anime-looking kids singing, crocodiles dancing, and people meditating. On the other hand, there's this video I found on their website awhile back to promote the channel...
  19. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Murphy's Law of FTA

    So FTA is pretty awesome, right? I mean, you throw up a dish, turn on the box and after a little bit of tuning you can watch TV News from around the world, wild feeds of national games, or even the rare sighting of Tom Brokaw eating a sandwich. Still, there are some simple rules you must expect...
  20. DiscoLoveGrapes

    Dish on the Equator

    I've been meaning to post this for a long time, but I saw it again today and thought I'd better do it. I was in Ecuador awhile back and went to the "Mitad Del Mundo," which is a tourist spot on the Equator. Outside a little bar I saw this dish. Since that's mere feet from the the line...