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  1. ummad72

    Replacing roof and dish alignment

    I suppose, technically you can call dish and tell them you just lost the signal. If you dont mention the roofing or whatnot they would have to send someone to fix their work (i assume u have dhpp).
  2. ummad72

    Getting my Dishes off the Roof.

    Well I finally got the Dish to come out and move the dishes off my Roof. Soudon was a little more expensive than Dish. I am not sure but i think i may have gotten this done through DISH for free. Any ways i now have 119 (dbl Band) 110 (Singl) 118 (Bbl Band) and 129 Dual) with a DPP44. No 61.5...
  3. ummad72

    Getting my Dishes off the Roof.

    Thank you for your responses. I'll contact sadoun for assistance with moving the dish off the roof.
  4. ummad72

    Getting my Dishes off the Roof.

    Hi, I am getting my dishes moved off the roof (stupid condo assoc. Currently i have 2 Dishes, one for 61.5 for some indian/pskistan international channels (and free previews all the time) and 100.2 (with 129 and maybe 110 and 119). Should they remain the same oncemoved or are there other better...
  5. ummad72

    622 question

    i have a separate dish for the 61.5 bird. Everythings peaked great.
  6. ummad72

    Dish subcriber website down

    looks like its back up.
  7. ummad72

    Dish subcriber website down

    ive been gettin this all day today too
  8. ummad72

    What happend to Dish Dolby Digital

    dont you get 5.1 if you are channeling you audio thru your audio reciever using toslink or digital audio connection ?
  9. ummad72

    Columbus, Ohio Locals in HD ?

    party @ mattopia's .. woo hoo
  10. ummad72

    3 TV,s hooked up to a 625??

    Essentially, to extend the range (or relocate the antennae) for your reciever take a piece of coax and extend the remote antenna.
  11. ummad72

    Columbus, Ohio Locals in HD ?

    Amen to that.
  12. ummad72

    Columbus, Ohio Locals in HD ?

    When are we supposed toget our locals in HD.
  13. ummad72

    XBOX LIVE Subscription - Enter Here to WIN!

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  14. ummad72

    Spiderman Movie Collection - Enter Here to Win!

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  15. ummad72

    9" Portable DVD Player - Enter To Win

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  16. ummad72

    $20 Discover Card Gift Card

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  17. ummad72

    4GB SanDisk Secure Digital Card - Enter Here!

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  18. ummad72

    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player - Enter To Win!

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