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  1. JeffN9


    Just found out my favorite show Seal Team is moving to Paramount + exclusively starting in Nov.:( Unfortunately(for Paramount and me) that's not enough of an incentive to pay for the service. I recently did a 7 day free trial of Paramount + and didn't see much that I really wanted to watch.
  2. JeffN9

    Ota signals causing hopper3 to stutter

    A re-scan does fix it but like a re-boot the fix is only temporary. Like I said it usually can be resolved by changing channels and then back to the problem channel but there are times when a re-boot is necessary. The biggest pain is when the channel is locked up with the error and it blocks a...
  3. JeffN9

    Ota signals causing hopper3 to stutter

    I have a 4 way in the basement and two 2-ways by two of the tv's. I'm not sure which is getting the lower db loss feed but am aware of the difference in ports and always try to give the longer or more important runs the stronger signal. I actually used to install antennas way back when. I have...
  4. JeffN9

    Ota signals causing hopper3 to stutter

    It occurs randomly with all of my OTA channels. The error 739 message can usually be cleared by changing channels back/forth. Sometimes a re-boot is needed to fix it. I have a small Channel Master UHF/VHF antenna on the roof with no amps needed since we are only about 12 miles from the...
  5. JeffN9

    Ota signals causing hopper3 to stutter

    I've been getting occasional error 739's on OTA channels for over a year now. The only solution the Tech. that came to my house had several months ago was to try a different dual tuner dongle, which didn't help. I use a rooftop antenna with all channels showing 100% signal. Lately I've also...
  6. JeffN9

    Free Previews Discussion Thread - September 2020

    Showtime and Epix are on now. At least here in Wis.:)
  7. JeffN9

    Free Previews Discussion Thread - September 2020

    Last of the true superhero's:rip
  8. JeffN9

    Free Previews Discussion Thread - September 2020

    Saw this today as well. I was surprised that it didn't show a start date. My guess is that the channels will be turned on sometime tomorrow(Thur.) They usually start the movie channel previews on Thur. even though Fri. is the day that's shown.
  9. JeffN9

    Any other seniors w/ problems cashing in free monthly movie certificates?

    What the CS told you about having to call in is bologna. I always order them from my phone or tablet. With the Stars and Stripes pack I get 1-2 free movies each month. At the bottom of the e-mail that they send me with the certificate number is a link to "order on demand movie". I click on that...
  10. JeffN9

    OTA issue

    I'm still getting this error screen on occasion even with 100% signal on all of my OTA channels. It totally locks up the channel until I change channels or in some cases I have to re-boot my H3. The Dish Tech that came to my house a few months back swapped out my old tuner dongle for a new Dish...
  11. JeffN9

    Dropping local channels - Leave old timers?

    If you drop the Dish locals the timers will not default to the OTA channels. You will have to re-due all of the local channel timers to the new channel. I imagine that you could leave the old timers in place but having the same program setup to record on two different channels might cause problems.
  12. JeffN9

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Is the local channel pkg. all that is needed to have access to the SB on the Fox Sports App.? I do have a 4K Firestick so good on that part of it.
  13. JeffN9

    Guide Freezing On H3?

    I haven't experienced the problem for quite a while now. At it's worst it was happening to me everyday. This tells me that one of the updates must have fixed the issue for some but not all.
  14. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere on Firestick not showing all episodes recorded on Hopper 3

    Ok, this may be a dumb question. Are you clicking on episodes at the top? I've found that the way it shows all the episodes is very confusing and thought they were missing a couple of times.
  15. JeffN9

    Problems Authenticating Fire Stick

    I think I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago where it decided my password was old and needed to be updated. After unsuccessfully trying to update the password from my Samsung phone using Samsung internet I had to log in from my PC using Firefox. There I entered the same passcode again...
  16. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere Prob.

    I'm guessing the CS person meant that they should watch DA on a tv using a Firestick instead of watching on a computer. I can say though from my experience so far that watching DA on a Firestick has been far less than ideal. Numerous issues.
  17. JeffN9

    OTA signal came back after Hopper 3 reboot. Why?

    I'm still getting this at random times. It's been happening to me for close to 6 months now, long before the last software update. Replacing my AirTV dongle with the black Dish model did nothing.
  18. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere Prob.

    My OTA channels and all guide info eventually came back on their own with DA on the 2nd and 3rd Firesticks late yesterday. Not sure what was going on that caused DA to mess up on 4 different devices like that. I have to believe it was something that Dish was doing on their end but who knows.
  19. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere Prob.

    Correct. I tried a 2nd Firestick and the OTA locals were listed in the guide but only about half of the guide info was actually there. Perhaps the rest of the guide info will populate later similar to when new channels are added?? I have been having random missing guide info problems with DA in...
  20. JeffN9

    Dish Anywhere Prob.

    Interesting that you mentioned this because you're right, all of my channels below 71 are OTA. I no longer subscribe to the Dish locals. I've documented in another thread the problems I've been having with my OTA channels locking up sometimes and not recording anything. When that happens I get...