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  1. wneilson82

    DirecTV Reception problems???

    Agreed. Try this and then double check that your cords are connected to your sat. Tighten anything that can be tighten if possible. If not, call D*
  2. wneilson82

    Who has most channels?

    Dish has more channels but take away channels that I wouldnt watch at all and it is pretty even for me. Add in sports programming with D* and they have better CHOICES for me
  3. wneilson82

    New prices/packages?

    Depends on when you signed your deal AND whether you agreed to a price for X amount of time. I signed up under some special period 3-4 months ago and thus my price can't change for another year or so. But, others that signed up regularly signed a deal that allows D* to change their prices.
  4. wneilson82

    SeaLaunch has set-back

    Oh dear lord, please get the new sats up without anymore problems :(
  5. wneilson82

    Black Screen

    Mine did this last night, btw
  6. wneilson82

    New HR20 software 1/28 and 1/29

    Ugh, me neither. And my HR20 missed 2 recordings last night AND gave me a black-screen for a 3rd....did a RBR and other things but to no avail.
  7. wneilson82

    WGN HD & Reciever upgrade question...

    Why? Threating to leave could save him some $$$ Go for it...
  8. wneilson82

    HD Dish installation

    Agreed with the above poster. Call D* and complain bitterly
  9. wneilson82

    Plasma or LCD for D* HD

    FYI, I have a 46 inch Sony LCD and couldnt be happier
  10. wneilson82

    Sat 99b ?

    HD, life will move's ok
  11. wneilson82

    direct vs dish

  12. wneilson82

    Black Screen

    How many times has this happened?
  13. wneilson82

    HD Upgrade To Eliminate OTA

    The DVR has settled down where it is good to use, imo. I still use an OTA that I bought at CircuitCity though
  14. wneilson82

    Plasma or LCD for D* HD

    To be fair, a lot of the newer plasma's have longer life spans
  15. wneilson82

    "Raven" window tonight/tomorrow - 0x011B for HR20

    It will get better. :up
  16. wneilson82

    EI Exclusive to D*?

    MLB is keeping their Internet stuff even with the D* deal.
  17. wneilson82

    Grass isn't always greener

    If you are looking to become unfrustrated with locals, D* wont help....seems they extend it once every few months. Ugh But, the new sats SHOULD get everyone locals in maybe it is coming to an end
  18. wneilson82

    Dealing with my 2 year contract

    I am a little surprised that reading multiple HDTV boards....there are quite a few that have said they WILL be switching to D* for MLB..... I knew some would do it but the amount of a little surprisingq
  19. wneilson82

    WGN HD & Reciever upgrade question...

    Agreed. I am a new customer thus I didnt feel like I had much bargaining power when I signed up a few months ago. Now that I have signed up for some services, have had D* for months now, and have bought and upgraded some things....I would expect a little back-scratching from them....and if...
  20. wneilson82

    National Geographic HD coming to D* early '07

    I watch NG all the time without it being in HD. Having some would be a plus for me.