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  1. TheKrell

    VIP612 DVR recordings after canceling

    That's normal for a working disk. That's not normal and I don't know why it does not. If you can see the disk on that computer, then I think it's spun up and likely healthy. You may be able to hear it spinning. If PVR Explorer Pro doesn't see that file system, then I don't know why. I am...
  2. TheKrell

    SiriusXM Streaming on Alexa devices

    This is nuts. I can't keep music playing on my Echos! It's almost as though SiriusXM caught up with Echo owners and disallow all but one stream to one Echo. :crying More experimentation is called for.
  3. TheKrell

    Site Issues

    Are you sure? Just now I was trying to find We Need A Better Joke Thread, and I get this:
  4. TheKrell

    why won't Dish fix their idiotic guide issues?

    I have been thoroughly enjoying Around the World in 80 Days, broadcast commercial free on PBS. ;) Of course last night's episode failed to record at all until I noticed this halfway through. :mad: Why? They used to have the title "Around the World" which was what my timer was set for. Then...
  5. TheKrell

    If you're one of the idiots that does this, KNOCK IT OFF and have some common sense...

    You'd get run over around here!
  6. TheKrell

    SiriusXM Streaming on Alexa devices

    Yes; thanks. I bumbled on that one as well last year. Unfortunately it seems to be broken these days with the Spa channel. Sometimes, when I just say the above, she goes to Hits 1! Sometimes when I ask "Alexa, play the SiriusXM Spa channel, she usually gives me Spa Instrumental instead, or...
  7. TheKrell

    If you're one of the idiots that does this, KNOCK IT OFF and have some common sense...

    I think they're just making excuses. I haven't heard anybody saying "defund the police" in many a moon. Do you live in an area that actually did it?
  8. TheKrell

    If you're one of the idiots that does this, KNOCK IT OFF and have some common sense...

    This inconsiderate and even dangerous nonsense has been going on for 50 years at least! But I don't call them "idiots". ;) If they are so anxious not to let anybody in front of them, then I try not to blow a fuse and just let them get ahead of me, even if I miss my turn. :mad: View...
  9. TheKrell

    Need to record from one channel dropped by Dish

    This is not unusual at all. Those of us who can receive local stations OTA just drop them from our satellite subscription and spend $30 one time on the AirTV dual-tuner USB adapter. Unfortunately I don't see these available on the AirTV website any more. The Dish-branded one is still...
  10. TheKrell

    dish movie pacs

    This is a matter of taste. But I have never gone for the premium movie channels because of their limited linear channels and endless repeats. The only one I've subscribed to in the past is the Movie Pack. For years, they offered it to me for only $5/mo, which IMHO was an excellent value...
  11. TheKrell

    4K Joey and 4K Channels (Updated)

    Not to mention that there should be a Joey 4 coming out real soon now. No, I don't know if that's Dish "soon", but it's been awhile since we've known about it.
  12. TheKrell

    Star Trek Discovery

    Not if you still have adequate T. ;)
  13. TheKrell

    Hopper 4(Is One Coming)??

    OK, then why do you need a tech visit?
  14. TheKrell

    SiriusXM Streaming on Alexa devices

    What a great idea! The first time I said that, she said, "I am having trouble playing that right now". But trying the same exact command again, and voila; she plays the right channel. The only trouble with playing the Spa channel is I no longer can get her to tell me what song she's...
  15. TheKrell

    SiriusXM Streaming on Alexa devices

    Two steps forward, and one step back. :mad: Now, not only did SiriusXM (Amazon?) fix the SiriusXM skill so that it can tell you what it's playing, but also SiriusXM split the Spa Channel in two! There is now also a "Spa Instrumental" channel. Of course these are two distinct channels play...
  16. TheKrell

    Hopper 4(Is One Coming)??

    No kidding. ;) Somebody hacked my FB account because Gary got a friend request from "me" when we were already friends! Fortunately he told me about it, or I would not have known. Scumbag hackers! Now my password is even longer and harder to guess, although I think FB should execute...
  17. TheKrell

    4 Tuner OTA Adapter?

    Supposedly not, but I think Dish should do the software to make that happen, or else put out a 4-tuner adapter, so they can do PTAT OTA. A better antenna should fix that.
  18. TheKrell

    Star Trek Discovery

    You're a lot younger than I am, and yet you seem so old. :(
  19. TheKrell

    Star Trek Discovery

    Well, I don't know if it was blasphemy or not. But the actors and actresses on the original were all rather good looking. The remake had actors and actresses which were IMHO just the opposite, with the possible exception of Number 6, who nevertheless couldn't hold a candle to Seven of Nine...
  20. TheKrell

    New install, coax questions

    They will install either a western arc or eastern arc hybrid LNB which only requires 1 cable to feed an H3. You also should know that you can have a 211 or Wally receiver on the same account as your H3 and take it with you in your RV. It has to be owned, though.