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    Back in the game

    Got the Linkbox 9000i. Been playing with it for awhile and really liking it. Nice upgrade from the Coolsat.
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    Back in the game

    Thanks. Will look at the Linkbox. Any others to check out? Unfortunately not going to be able to put up the 10 footer for awhile. So will be doing Ku for now.
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    Back in the game

    Was kind of out of the game for a bit due to relocating, but excited to be back. Was just curious if there is much HD going on up there. Considering getting an HD receiver but not sure if it's worth it. Definitely want a new receiver though, preferably one with DVR since the old Coolsat 6000...
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    Netflix own satellite one day?

    This isn't FTA specific, but I wanted to post it in here with all the knowledgeable members in this section. Would it be worth it for Netflix to launch their own satellite one day? Is this something they would even consider? I know they have instant play, but to get HD you need a super high...
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    Azteca will carry the Pacqiauo vs Margarito fight!

    On 93W Azteca America 11984 you can watch people watch the fight :) And sometimes hear it. Anyone got it in SD anywhere?
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    Azteca will carry the Pacqiauo vs Margarito fight!

    Azteca 7 still dark. I can't get 3780 on 113W. Anybody getting it in SD anywhere?
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    Starband vs HughesNet

    Anybody out there that has used both Starband and HughesNet? Mostly I am looking to see how HughesNet does in the rain. Starband does great, especially since the switch to the new bird within the past year. It really never goes out. But it would be nice to have more bandwidth and speed...
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    hughesnet or wildblue?

    I used Wildblue for a couple years and it was horrible. The slightest drizzle and it would go out. It uses Ka band which is much higher frequency, so it is really affected by rain fade. Maybe they have gotten better or upgraded their satellites. I don't know. But three, four years ago it was...
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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    I always loved spending the week before Thanksgiving at my Grandma's. Great food, fun family, turkey, pumpkin pie. Fun memories. It's tough to beat the food that grandma made. I am getting hungry right now.
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    Moteck SG2100 Low Intensity Fix??

    Okay, awesome! That did it. I had to do some creative coax'ing, but since I no longer need the Ku from the BSC621-2 it wasn't a big deal
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    **Contest** How much would you pay....?

    WS International DMX521 Single Ku band LNBF.................$14 WS International DMX522 Twin Ku band LNBF...................?$22 WS International DMX524U Universal Quad LNBF.......$25 WS International DMX5421U Quad Universal 4-degree Monoblock LNBF.......$35 WS International DMX242 Twin C...
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    Moteck SG2100 Low Intensity Fix??

    I recently motorized my Channel Master (Primestar) 1.0M dish. It is all set up and works great out near the dish, however, when I hook it to the long coax run into the house the motor will not move. When I manually try to move the motor using the move button on the motor itself, the low...
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    Cband but not the Ku-band

    The focal length, ratio and skew are important. Also you may need to bump the dish either east or west as ku might not be the same quality where c is located. If you read through my old posts, I went through this trying to tune a BUD with a BSC621-2. It might be helpful. But definitely look at...
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    Strange Results Between Two Diffewrent DIshes

    I am not familiar with the dish, but I do know that dish design can make a difference. Specifically for quality, but I have not seen so much with arc tracking. Unless it is really warped. I know if you compare most older Channel Master dishes with less name dishes or newer dishes, the Channel...
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    More new channels on Galaxy19 97W

    97W is a good sat that I tell new FTA'ers to point to, just because it has a broad range of programming. They can really get a feel for FTA. I hope more keeps getting added.
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    Way to tell where dish is currently pointed?

    I would just pick the satellite you want on Then take the magnetic azimuth and subtract 90. Then stand at the side of the dish with a compass (this is why you subtract 90), and move it until the left and right edges of the dish are flush, matching the compass needle.
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    Best AZBox?

    I see there are various models and now the elite is discontinued supposedly. It sounds like the AZBox is the only receiver that can do it all (other than blind scan) and is much better than the Sathawk. So which model is the best one to get? The Elite? - I am basically just looking to get a...
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    DirecTV dish for FTA?

    You can use the dish. There are a lot of sats with strong TPs. But I think you need a linear LNB as those are probably all circular. If you search for Directv dish in the title only, you can get some good stuff. I am sure other members will chime in here too.
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    Primestar H V scan question

    Can a multiswitch run through a diseqc switch? I tried another Primestar LNB that I have, and got the same thing: only duplicate V and no H. It is hard to imagine that H is bad on both LNBFs. I have H and V running into the multiswitch (which I tested in post #17) then the multiswitch runs...
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    1.0 meter dish for 110, 119 and 129 combo?

    Thanks for the reply. I know the super dishes can pick up 119/110/129 and so should the 75e. I have a 1.0m Primestar (round) that I would like to get 119/110/129/121 since Starband is now on 121. It used to be on 129. Has anyone used a 1.0m round for 119/110/129? - And you say it would be hard...