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  1. 20fan

    NFLST issue today 9/14/14

    I don't have Sunday ticket available on my receivers and cannot get through to D* on the phone at customer service. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. 20fan

    Input Please

    I am looking to see if I can reduce my bill $$ without giving up too much. I am out of contract with 1-HR24 and 2- HR100's and looking for input before I call D* to see about upgrading to the Genie...............if that's what I want to do. By my recording schedules losing 1 recordable...
  3. 20fan

    On Demand internet connection

    I have 1 - hr24 and 2- hr 21's with swm connection. i am debating on getting connection kit for internet and was wondering if it matters or which connection is best. I believe there are different connection methods for each of the type of receivers that I have. Also have whole home to watch...
  4. 20fan

    Surprise SWiM install

    D* is here to add another HDDVR to my setup (2 previous). Installer is upgrading my setup to swim. Was not aware, but nice surprise............I think. Will be able to remove the cat5 cables to previous receivers for MRV/whole house dvr. Anything special I should know coverting from the old...
  5. 20fan

    Local weather alert banner cancels HD?

    Watching the NASCAR race and we have severe weather alert in our area. Local Fox network has a weather alert banner/radar pic on the screen and HD coverage is lost to SD coverage. Anyone know why this happens?
  6. 20fan

    D* changing the way it provides locals?

    Just received my D* statement via email, and logged into my account. Something similar to the title of this Thread was written across the top of the screen. It mentioned to call a toll free number and mention "Free 72 local swap" when prompted. Does anyone have any info on this? Sorry for...
  7. 20fan

    2009 NFLST ...........No Posts?

    Am I just not looking in the right place, or are there no threads on DTV NFLST? Just got billed for my 1st of 6 installments of 44.99. Not sure about Superfan yet. Last year there was all type of discussions on deals and what not concerning NFLST and SF. Lets here from you all !
  8. 20fan

    Blackout: Browns vs Lions

    This is where I don't understand the NFL blackout rules. NFL network blacked out the Browns vs Lions game today in my area which is Toledo locals. It is not being shown on any Toledo local channels, and D* won't let me get Cleveland locals. So my son and his friends come over to watch the...
  9. 20fan

    HR21 remote question

    I have the RC64R remote with my new hr21's and a question on programing it to work with my Toshiba w/built in dvd player, model #23HLV85. I have tried the codes provided by D* in remote setup, and cannot get the buttons to work that turn the receiver and the tv on and off at the same time...
  10. 20fan

    D* upgrade call

    Been waiting for an offer I could not refuse from D* and I got it last night. Had a message from D* on my answering machine when I returned home. They want to upgrade me from my HR10-250's (1 owned, 1 leased) FOR FREE !! Returned the call today and am getting the new dish, and 2 HD-DVR's for...