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    Spiderman Movie Collection - Enter Here to Win!

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    MyBook 320GB External USB Hard Drive - Enter To Win

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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player - Enter To Win!

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    $20 Discover Card Gift Card

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    4GB SanDisk Secure Digital Card - Enter Here!

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    9" Portable DVD Player - Enter To Win

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    GRAND PRIZE - DishStore.NET Giveaway!

    Me Too I'd like to win the DishStore.NET grand prize!!
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    Raleigh HD Locals

    Does not really matter now I "moved " to Chicago and get all the locals in wonderful HD. To me it is the WRAL and WRAZ advertisers that are getting the short end of the stick. I know about 8 people in the area that have moved as well and we are all telling others on how to get HD on all...
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    Woo-Woo ACC Tournament available in HD

    By Danny Hooley, Staff Writer Good news, ACC fans with high-definition TVs: You'll be seeing basketball games in HD just in time for March Madness. So says Colin Smith, vice president of distribution at Raycom Sports, which distributes ACC games for broadcast in partnership with Lincoln...
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    Raleigh WTVD 11 Sound Sync Issues

    Me 2 I have been having the same issues. I noticed it tonight while watching World News Tonight ( Switched from CBS news after the first time I saw Katie Couric)
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    Which E* HD Channel Has The Most Room For Improvement?

    Anything VOOM.......
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    Raleigh HD Locals

    That letter was For Direct TV not DISH Auugh..After 1 year hear I still cannot tell the Difference between D* and *H Dish Update: Capitol Broadcasting is still waiting for a counter offer from Dish. We started negotiations in October and are hopeful to regain momentum soon. If you are a Dish...
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    Dish Transponder List

    Thanks guys
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    Dish Transponder List

    Do we have a listing onsite that maps what channels are on what transponder?///// Thanks
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    Raleigh HD Locals

    Transponders? psnarula, The head engineer at WRAL told me that the sole reason that Capitol Broadcasting has not allowed the HD signals yet was because Dish wanted to put them in a spot beam that was not large enough to cover the entire WRAL viewing area. If this is the case then with Dish not...
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    Raleigh HD Locals

    Still NO CBS or FOX HD in Raleigh Since Capitol broadcasting and Dish cannot get this worked out, it seems that I need to "move " to Charlotte now that they have all 4 networks in HD. Does anyone know if Charlotte is on a spotbeam and know if I can receive it here in Raleigh? Thanks M
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    Raleigh HD Locals

    I would guess That would be near the I-40 - Route 42 interchange
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    DishONLINE and SatelliteGuys In The News

    This site is Not Junkie !!!!! Scott, I do not care what they think....this site is not junkie !!!!
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    Raleigh HD Locals

    Mine is one dish but has 4 lmb's for 4 different birds
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    Are there HD channels you almost never watch?

    Voom Those channels are crap....the content is really bad. But Dish like them because the y can say they have the most HD channels...but if nobody watches them whats the difference?