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  1. TheKrell

    Mobile Hot Spot Data Quotas

    I have been taking advantage of free streaming SiriusXM along with my subscription for my car radio. I have a number of Echo smart speakers at home, at my wife's temporary apartment, and now at work. I originally brought one of my Dot's in to work so that I wouldn't miss any more Alexa-only...
  2. TheKrell

    AWS-East API having outage

    All sorts of stuff quit around 10:30 this morning. My SiriusXM account became unlinked form my Amazon account, and I can't relink it. (I can't stream SiriusXM. My TP-Link Kasa smart switches can no longer be...
  3. TheKrell

    Unmodified cell phone calls by satellite?
  4. TheKrell

    Skip back 10 seconds

    I have been unable to search up the thread where we discussed this, so I'm starting another thread on the subject. Back in the missing thread, I claimed that I could skip back 10 seconds on my H3 until a software update last year made it 20 seconds. And I definitely thought my 722 and 612's...
  5. TheKrell

    Best way to return a Joey

    What might that be? I want to retain my H3 and 2nd Joey. All are leased. I may buy another J3 for the times when I might need it.
  6. TheKrell

    TVs with analog PAL tuners

    My wife bought a cartridge programmer for her computerized Knit King kntting machine with only 1 output, that being an unlabelled RCA jack. Next to that jack is a switch labelled "CH3/CH4". The problem I have is that this thing came from the UK and it almost certainly used PAL modulation...
  7. TheKrell

    Super Audio CD

    Remember SACD? I moved this comment from the Dish forum the better to stay on topic there. I am the only person I've ever heard of who bought one of those players, which I still have. It could also play the DVD Audio format. I can probably find the 15 or thereabouts SACD's. Alas, my analog...
  8. TheKrell

    The Starlost

    Remember this series from the 70's? I really enjoyed the story, if not the lame special effects, spotty acting, and hilarious 70's hairdos. "Cordwainer Bird", aka Harlan Ellison, refused to be associated with this series once he saw what a butchery they made of his script. It had a criminally...
  9. TheKrell

    What is your favorite street name?

    Mine is "Sleepy Hollow". "Pleasant Way" is fair as well.
  10. TheKrell

    SatelliteGuys Bot Goes Wild

    Every thread in the Chit Chat Club has a new post by SatelliteGuys Bot that goes something like this: It always addresses the person who started the thread. What's going on there?
  11. TheKrell


    I just noticed this trailer exclusively on Apple TV+ supposedly coming August of this year: Asimov's Foundation!
  12. TheKrell

    Dish 54 voice remote input button

    Does this button work on Joey 3's? When I push this button (on the side of the remote), I get an error: "This is not an active feature". On the H3 itself, it's like half the recall button. This error happens on the J3 54 even after I push the TV button on the side. I need this button because...
  13. TheKrell

    SiriusXM Streaming on Alexa devices

    I can listen to the Spa Channel online, and it shows what it's playing. Right now, they are playing John Gregorius's The Expansive Sky. I can see what they're playing in my car. I can see what they're playing on my Dish Network receiver (though they don't carry the Spa Channel). I cannot...
  14. TheKrell

    The name "20th Century Fox Television" is no more

    Disney (DIS) announced on Monday it would be rebranding one of its TV studios, 20th Century Fox Television, as 20th Television. Why why why?
  15. TheKrell

    Echostar Knowledge Base

    I was trying to remember some historical information on old Dish receivers, and I discovered that the ekb is now hosted here: The Echostar Knowledge base on DBSTalk. Despite the title at left, the actual URL goes to But what I see when I click on many (if not all) of the...
  16. TheKrell

    Thread auto update feature

    This feature is driving me crazy on busy threads. I'm reading posts in the middle of a multi-page thread, and all of a sudden I have a bunch of auto-updated posts at the bottom of my page which don't belong there. They belong a page or two later on! So when I finally get up to the last page...
  17. TheKrell

    Cosmos: Possible Worlds

    Anybody watching this so-called 3rd season of Cosmos? I missed the start date and missed 2 episodes already. :(
  18. TheKrell

    Joey 3 w/o MoCA

    My wife surprised me today by moving our daughter's Joey into another bedroom without a coax. So I figured, "No problem", I'll just hook it up to GigE and I'm done for now. The Joey boots up and refuses to do anything; the error message says it can't see the Hopper. Unless I'm dreaming, the...
  19. TheKrell

    Dumb robocopy problem

    I'm trying to use robocopy to copy (with file protections) a folder on one disk to another disk on the same W10 computer. I can't get the stupid program to do anything! I have tried this from an admin command window: # robocopy "f:\My Old Directory" "e:\My New Directory" /copyall and the...
  20. TheKrell

    Google in discussions with Dish to launch new wireless giant

    I don't know if this is true or not, but that's what this says.