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  1. ray224000

    Motor setup for KU

    I've found numerous helpful threads concerning this topic but I've yet to find the answer to one question. The situation is as follow: My setup consist of GeoSat Pro 90 cm, QPH031 LNB, SG6100 motor. I'm located at approximately 180 degrees so therefore my local would be 97W. Everything is...
  2. ray224000

    Help with Winegard 3100 - cband on small dish project

    Hey guys and gals; I must remain politically correct! I picked up a Winegard 3100 1m dish and would like to test out cband. I've had Titanium C1-PLL and CS1 scalar just sitting in the garage for the last couple of months and I feel it is time. I worked on mounting the dish and getting the...
  3. ray224000

    Polka time!!!

    It is always POLKA TIME!!!! It is funny how I knew very little about this music until the Sunday afternoon show. I still don't know but at least it is fun..... Play a little Brave Combo for my kids......if you will, please.
  4. ray224000

    Primesat clear transparent 85cm dish

    I am starting to see this advertised in my area. I am assuming that it is a Primesat but not really sure. I am curious, is their anyone out there with experience with a clear dish? How does it compare with a solid dish?
  5. ray224000

    Alternative to another receiver

    I'm sure this has been posted somewhere but basically one of the purposes of a forum is to share experiences specific to what we're working on whether where gloating about our successes or sulking about our failures. Lately I've been wanting to expand my setup to include an additional receiver...
  6. ray224000

    sg radio on kindle fire

    I have this kindle which I would like to listen to the radio on. When I access app, it comes up just like it does on my computer. Am I missing something I should download?
  7. ray224000

    Traxis 6000 HD & diseqc 1.1

    I had bought this box over a year ago. Since then, I have picked up an Amiko Alien 2 and Amiko Nano. The Alien 2 replaced my Traxis as my primary. The reason it was replaced, I could not get the diseqc 1.1 function to work correctly. From the few threads I have ran across, I gather this is...
  8. ray224000

    C & Ku Band on Small Dish

    I was wondering if anyone has attempted "C & Ku Band on Small Dish" project? I have read about "C Band on Small Dish" but I've yet to find a thread on someone attempting to use a LNBF that handles both. If one such thread exist, I would appreciate a point in the right direction. I would also...