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  1. wbarrett

    How to change AzBox boot logo?

    What is the trick to change the boot logo on the AzBox? I can get boot_logo.PNG off the AzBox and it is that ugly "Full 1080 P" file that boots so I am the right one and the right location on the AzBox. I just cannot get the editted file to load back on the box. I try Filezilla and get a...
  2. wbarrett

    AzBox Premium Plus HD question

    Has AzBox stopped all non-open source development on this box? I am running 5309 factory software but only see talking (complaining about more like it) RSI, Enigma and the like. === Bill
  3. wbarrett

    AzBox Premium+ observations after 6 months

    As title says, I've had my AzBox for 6 months now and thought I would share a few observations I found out but have not seen in other posts or on other forums. This is my first FTA receiver. I have the two tuner model. The A tuner is hooked to a GeoSat Pro 1.2m Ku dish on a DG-380 H-H motor...
  4. wbarrett

    Manual PID Entry and AZBox question

    I need some help getting the three CWs on 91W 3720 H 26700 to be recognized by my AzBox Premium+. I have 74% quality but cannot get these services to read in at all. I read elsewhere that manual PIDs have to be entered. I have tried all kinds of combinations in "Advanced Scan" with no luck at...
  5. wbarrett

    87W RTV Stations

    Are the RTV stations on 87W 3800 H 29125 up? I can get the ones on my AzBox at 4080 H 29125 just fine with my 8 foot dish. I can see a signal on 3800 H 29125 with my First Strike meter but cannot for the life of me get anything with any combination of PIlot, FEC, SR or Frequency get the 3800...