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  1. Mike Betts

    Genie's YouTube app

    The YouTube app on my Genie shows everything in 4:3, even the HD videos. Maybe I have a setting wrong somewhere but I can't find it. Or, is that just the way the Genie's app does it? If so, that sucks.
  2. Mike Betts

    Fox Sports 1 Issues

    Is it just me or is Fox Sports 1 just about unwatchable right now? It is constantly breaking up. Haven't noticed it on other channels.
  3. Mike Betts

    ESPN Glitches

    Anybody else getting the constant glitches on ESPN? Happens every 10 seconds or so. Pixelation and audio dropouts. Haven't noticed it on any other channels.
  4. Mike Betts

    YouTube on Genie

    Just had the Genie + 1 client installed about a month ago. Overall, I'm pleased. However, YouTube will not work. Pandora and all the other apps work fine. But it acts like it can't connect to the Internet when I try to use YouTube.
  5. Mike Betts

    New Installation Questions

    Had DTV installed about 5 hours ago. Only issues I've had so far is that: 1. My TV apps will not load 2. Neither the iPad nor Android phone app will allow me to login. Does it take a while before I am "fully" activated? Any other thoughts about what may be causing this? Thanks.
  6. Mike Betts

    Am I a "new" customer?

    If I've been gone from Directv for 4 or 5 years. I'm considering switching back but I want to make sure that I qualify for all of the new customer promotions. The promo through Costco is especially enticing.