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  1. hdqboss

    Joey Bluetooth Adapter Options?

    I have tried searching this topic but didn't see any threads addressing this. I don't mind paying $15.99 for an adapter from Dish, but I think their $7.00 shipping charge is excessive. Has anyone found another BT adapter that works?
  2. hdqboss

    Autohop Bug or is this normal?

    Over the past two nights I watched the last two episodes of NCIS LA. Autohop worked normally until the last set of commercials between the end of the episode and the next episode preview. Didn't notice this before or haven't really paid attention. Is this the norm?
  3. hdqboss

    Joey Audio Question

    I would like to hook up a pair of speakers because the speaker on the Vizio TV in our workout room is not sufficient. A Joey feeds this TV via HDMI. Is the audio Component connections also active when using the HDMI connection?
  4. hdqboss

    Is this message new?

    When I turned my DVR on tonight (9pm EST) there was a message on the bottom of the screen that stated "Your program guide and DVR are being updated please wait to create timers and access DVR events" with a bar below that show about 50% completed. I left everything alone and came an hour and...
  5. hdqboss

    Best way to hook-up my laptop to my TV??

    Merry Christmas to all.... I want to hook-up my Dell laptop to my Sony KDS-60A2000 TV. My plan is to use my Creative X-FI Xtreme Audio Notebook card to run the audio to my a/v receiver. The laptop has a S-Video TV-out connector which the TV can accomodate. Is the best video option to run...
  6. hdqboss

    Can you hook CATV to 622?

    I've tried to search for this topic but have not been successful so I would appreciate some help or pointed in the right direction. Can you hook CATV to the 622's TV/Antenna/Cable input on the 622 to receive local/record local channels? Thanks.