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  1. Sweepy1

    Woo-Woo ACC Tournament available in HD

    By Danny Hooley, Staff Writer Good news, ACC fans with high-definition TVs: You'll be seeing basketball games in HD just in time for March Madness. So says Colin Smith, vice president of distribution at Raycom Sports, which distributes ACC games for broadcast in partnership with Lincoln...
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    Dish Transponder List

    Do we have a listing onsite that maps what channels are on what transponder?///// Thanks
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    FREE 12 ft. Satellite Dish w/ Recievers and VC2+'s

    This is from Craigs List Raleigh-Free section: If interested email this guy at Here's the deal: I have one 12 ft. fiberglass C-band dish (small embeded mesh, good for KU too). It is assembled on a polar mount and perched on 4 1/2" OD iron-pipe pole in my back...
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    Satellite Map

    Back a few years ago there was always a pull out Sat. Map in the monthly issue of Orbit. Being a visual type of guy, does anyone know of somewhere I can find a map of all the birds as they are in orbit? The map had them in order above the earth. I know all you old C banders know what I am...
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    Question about being Banned

    I am new to this sport:rolleyes: but I have to ask why was the guy banned from the following post. What did he say about hacking? "Originally Posted by kerim0325 I have new coolsat 5000, superdish 121, when i'm doing blind scan or auto scan on 121W (port3 disweqc) randomly scanning stops...
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    Moving to Colombia

    Last year we purchased some land and started to build a house in Cali Colombia S.A. They currently heve the Spanish version of Direct TV but I would be unable to get the American channels there. I am wondering is there is anyway that I can continue my FTA hobby in Colombia? I would like to be...
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    PanSat 3500SD Question

    When I had my c-band dish years back there was a way on the remote to manually move the dish. Basically you could bump it to get a better picture sometimes. Is there a way on the 3500 to manually use the motor to move between birds? Thanks
  8. Sweepy1

    Getting Close...I think

    Quick Question? With the Invacom Quad LNBF The installation configurations on the instructions are a little vague to me. One drawing shows an L connection going to the switch then to the reciever and another drawing shows both a C and L coonnection going to the Diseqc switch. If I installing...
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    Switch Location

    I just planted my pole for the dish about 4 feet from the back wall of my house due to an obstructed view. What is the best place to install the DiSqC switch? On the pole or on the house? LNB is a Invacom Quad Polar LNBF. I am starting with only one reciever but will prob add more in the...
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    Installation site

    My new equipment is due to arrive Monday so this weekend I am going to plant my pole for the motorized system. I have been reading so much from so many places I am a little confused. I live at Zip code 27502 and I am trying to find out exactly what the farthest points on the compass I will...
  11. Sweepy1

    World Cup Soccer?

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this but I know all you guys are very forgiving :-) Has anyone see anything yet about what channels may be broadcasting the World Cup ( thats football or Soccer,depends where you hail from) next month? Unfortunatly I am not set up yet as the FedEx...
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    NSS806 Question

    Please forgive me in advance if this seem like a stupid question but after careful reading I am ready to start my new FTA hobby. I am planning on the PanSat3500, but anyway heres my question My wife is Colombian and I was poking around and see that all the Colombian channels are on a bird...
  13. Sweepy1

    Problem Recording OTA on VIP622

    I have a problem with my VIP622 and Iam not sure if it is a hardware of software issue. Can anybody shed some light? The issue: When I record an program(local channel) from my OTA antenna the try and view another channel either Sat or OTA I get a message that this will end my recording. I...