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  1. foghorn2


    Dish Quality said twice this a "BANDWIDTH ISSUE". Makes no sense. Are Dish employees just plain lazy to fix things, cant fix things or just don't give a damn? I hope the answer is NO and Dish people can fix this. 21-02 COZI is not a Spanish Channel, 21-03 Ante guide is completely WRONG...
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    After the installer left, I left the hopper on the coax run to the solo node and disconnected the splitters and taps to the Joeys. Hooked up the Joeys ethernet and used the coax that were on the joeys with rf modulators to feed other bedrooms with mirrored signals. Works 100% No issues...
  3. foghorn2

    another one leaving dish

    Its been a good three years here and now it is time to go. Cable and TV programming no longer fits my preferences. The channels are all full of junk and repeats. Not so much Dish's fault, but I blame CNN, TVLand, VH1 Classics and all the other crap channels with crap programming. I officially...
  4. foghorn2

    Official 2008 Dish WishList

    Here's what I hope/expect from dish in 2008 (whats yours?) : - Choice of menu colours, blue is getting boring - Better selection in DishOnline - Universal Learning Dish Remote with UHF - VIP 622 as a Server so VIP 211 can access recordings from it - Dishcomm/LAN enable on the...
  5. foghorn2

    Dish pictures

    What I notice about this forum is a lack of pictures from members. I like that about the AVS Forums. Why don't we all participate and post our Dish and HT pics here under "Members Equipment Photos"? I'll start with mine this weekend!
  6. foghorn2

    Need Help finding 61.5!

    I have a dish 1000 and a Dish 500 pointed @ 129 using the jumper on the 1000's pro plus. So I tried to point the 500 @ 61.5 and could not find it. THe Vip 622 says the elevation for dish 300 is 20 and is greyed out for 500. I tried elevation 20, 22, and so an and my squaker meter still could...