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    Added Receiver but received REFURB...AMAZING install otherwise

    msajeff, I agree with you on the HR20 OTA tuner. It is beyond pathetic. I get 1 or 2 channels on my HR20 and get just about all of my digital channels on my TV off the same indoor antennae.
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    Lost channels after snow.

    Be careful with a system reboot. I try that when I lost several stations from an ice storm in late January. When I rebooted, the system couldn't access the guide data from the satellite, so I couldn't even view the SD channels that I could view before the reboot. I had to wait until the next...
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    Phone problems!

    I would suggest getting a jack tester at a home improvement store before tearing the jack about to check. Home Depot has one for about $10 that can tell you if the polarity is switched and if there is any AC on the line.
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    Software Release Notes: HR20 / HR21 / HR22 / R22 Verison 0x0290

    I have a HR20-700. Has anyone else experienced an empty to do list? My records still happen, they still show that they will record in the guide but the to do list shows nothing and says 0 scheduled. In the manage recording settings, it show the correct summary of how many shows are scheduled...
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    DirecTV HR2x Mass Lockups overnight 10/6

    I had the same problem with my HR20-700 this morning. Hit the reset button...booted up fine.
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    Multi-Room DVR for Direct TV?

    I don't really care about watching two different things on two different tv's in the house from the same DVR. I want to be able to transfer one recorded show do another DVR in my house. That would allow my wife and I to watch one thing that we've record and let the kids watch something else...
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    Question to D* Customers

    The first tech I had did an alright job albeit he arrived about 2 after the install window was past. He installed the dish on the side of the house. I asked him if the trees were in the way and he told me I had plenty of sight. This was March of 2007. About late April/early May of 2007 I...