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    Other than the iPad, what is the best tablet for Dish Anywhere?

    I already had the iPad 3 with cellular, so I went with the discount. First time away from home since I get signed up for Dish, and I forget my iPad! I never forget it :)
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    I can't believe I hadn't REALLY noticed this until now. I hadn't been on this site for at least a month, I guess. I had noticed some strange new sports channels, but not the absence of the fox sports channels. In my defense, I was out of town one of the weekends, and the games I have been...
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    Nebraska bolting for Big Ten, Colorado for Pac-10

    I think that, unless Kansas can get into a BCS league (Big East, if it survives?), they will be in the same conference as Kansas State. And speculation I'm reading is that the MWC is more likely for some of the Big 12 schools.
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    Nebraska bolting for Big Ten, Colorado for Pac-10

    Well, this all brought up the issue of the Big Ten network for me. I'm a Nebraska native and fan, living in Oklahoma. I had just assumed that the Big Ten network was available on my Dish. I just hadn't cared to look for it, since Nebraska was Big 12 :) Couldn't find it. Scrolled through...
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    a secret dish does not want you to know

    too bad this wouldn't apply if you are currently signed up through the phone company. And the difficulty in getting subscribed directly to Dish. I tried last year, they said within a month or 2 (depending on billing cycles), and it didn't happen. So, apparently, if I were to want to do this...
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    Help me decide...switch to Dish or stay with Direct

    The 2 reasons I have Dish rather than DirecTV are: DirecTV doesn't have my locals, Dish does (even in HD now). And with the OTA, I can record 3 shows at one time. Dish can drive 2 TVs with 1 DVR, which for me is important. I can watch recorded shows in the bedroom or my main TV. My local...
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    AT&T and Dish

    I just called today to see whether I could switch to being billed by Dish rather than ATT. This after warnings a couple months ago that it would be very difficult (and when they had the partnership, you pretty much had to be without either service for a few months before you could switch). No...
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    Are you satisfied with your SD & HD Picture Quality

    My video quality seems fine. SD doesn't look too good when I'm too close to my TV, but I don't normally watch it from that close.
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    changing to dish network

    Currently have Dish through ATT for last several years, and out of contract. Does anyone know how easy it is to change to signing up directly with Dish rather than through the phone company? I'm considering dropping the phone company for phone and internet, and going with the local cable...
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    Problem with OTA channels with DISH box

    I came to post a problem I had today, and I see this thread. Earlier today, the ABC affiliate went to 0 strength, but my CBS was still working. Figured it was just a momentary glitch on their side. Left home for a while. Came back, and saw CBS also wasn't working. Nor NBC and FOX. Just a...
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    where r hd locals for wichita falls lawton??

    I suspect one of the reasons to, finally, put the stations on 61.5 even with just 1 HD uplink is due to new customers, even SD customers, they can just point them to the EA and hopefully not have to worry about the dish side in the future, even when they upgrade to HD. As a current customer...
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    Uplink Activity Report - 11/19/2008 1:02pm - 124 changes

    I missed the fact they were only SD for Lawton/Wichita Falls. Guess I won't call up Dish yet for an upgrade.
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    Poll, Do you have your NEW smartcards yet?

    New smartcard came with my refurbished DVR 622 in September.
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    New Eastern Arc Markets & HD Locals Coming October 22nd

    My local area is reportedly going to go EA (Lawton/Wichita Falls). The HD locals are apparently not turned on yet. Taking into account that they will apparently be on the 61.5 satellite, and they aren't going to upgrade existing customers at this time to EA, I guess I have 2 options. If they...
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    Uplink Activity Report - 10/22/2008 1:02pm - 176 changes

    I bought an outdoor antenna 1 1/2 years ago to get my locals (though at the time only 2 locals transmitted in HD). Since I didn't want to go through the expense and trouble to mount it outside, I've settled with putting it in the attic. Here in Lawton, I can get the 4 majors now in HD (plus CW...
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    So does this mean they didn't enable the WF/Law market? Or just didn't include it in the press release? If enabled, I guess the question is which satellite did they put it on? If 61.5, I guess I'll have to put in a wing satellite. Which would probably mean extending my contract, which I...
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    ATT& Dish

    Benefits of Dish: DVR can drive 2 TVs, even if second only SD. In my case, that is OK, and being able to watch recorded shows on either TV is a benefit. Locals via Dish, DTV doesn't offer it here. I don't watch NFL, so the lack of the NFL package isn't an issue for me. So I guess I'll be...
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    ATT& Dish

    Will we start paying Dish direct? In my area, DirecTV doesn't offer locals, let alone Local HD. Rumor is that Dish will offer locals later this year. I do OTA, but only one channel at a time, and a couple distant stations are weak.
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    Is there such a thing as a "good" 622

    This is the 2nd August in a row I've had problems with my 622. Last year, it started locking up. I called tech support. They scheduled a visit in a couple weeks. While waiting, I moved it to another location, and blew air in it. It worked fine. I eventually stopped using the fan, and...
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    Upcoming HD locals on 61.5

    Does anyone know how this normally works? I see in another thread that, sometime in the second half of this year, my DMA is supposed to do locals on HD, but on 61.5, while I'm currently with the D1000 with 110, 119, and 129. So I would need a new dish. Obviously, I can assume that dish...