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    We Really Had It Great With Voom!!

    I miss Voom as well. I still can't get used to not having mostly every HD channel that was offed at that time. I am still trying to replace that HD void. Comcast is ok but it fall short. :( PS - what cities are going to get FIOS? I hope Atlanta gets it soon.
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    I did it... ordered Comcast

    I made the call prior to be leaving for my international trip. For the record....this sucks. I will see how Comcast is. I was with Directv prior to Voom and I don't have the stomach to go back....yet. During this trial effort with Comcast, I will see if I will go back to Directv for the NFL...
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    Starz Edge is now available on 269

    I think is was stated that EncoreHD was going but is that it for EncoreHD or are they coming out with another HD channel or will it be like vurb said....their HD programming will roll-up into Starz?
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    2 New Channels added

    Gracias, Voom
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    Voom Adds More! (WealthTVHD, Fine Living, DIY,..)

    I watched a little Wealthtv last night and even though some of their stuff are upconverts, I found myself watching a couple of show back to back. It is a niche channel but the content is interesting. Thanks Voom. About vurbano, he is cool. His comments are made with the intention to help...
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    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Voom what a great surprise. I know I have been screaming about more HD but I will take noggin for my son. All I have to say is .......bye bye Directv. Mike
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    New channels coming soon?

    Forgive me guys, I have been swamped at work and need a quick update.....(please don't flame me to hard) Are we getting any new HD channels soon? There is so much to read....please help me out. Mike
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    New channels coming soon?

    It's nice to see that Voom is adding these channels to be more competitive, BUT I totally agree with vurb on this. He wasn't being negative. He is just voicing that these SD channels are not adding to the HD niche that VOOM is based upon. If Voom was adding the HD feeds (if there were any) of...
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    NEWS FLASH: New Channels: LIFETIME Net, CMT, National Geographic,...

    This is sooooooo wild. The company is going through a virtual shootout and they are adding channels. How cool is that? About the SD material, I, like most of you, want more HD but I understand that this is a business. From what I have read here, these are popular SD channels. They have...
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    Need the Following information From Voom Subs

    I am using component out to my set @ the 1080i setting.
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    Harmonic Encoder Improvements? (Feedback Need it)

    There is a lot of pixelation on Voom now. The picture isn't as crisp as before. The sound problem that was noted is true. Hopefully, Voom will address these problems soon. Besides that GO VOOM!
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    Breaking News: Flash From Voom Website: VOOM ceasing Operation by end of March

    Well, I better call and use my $20 credit before they turn off the light. Everyone is invited to my house to watch Playboy HD. Mike
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    This AM most (if not all) Finance Institutions have VOOM Shutdown

    As a casual customer, I can appreciate this fight and the excitement that has come along with it but as a consumer I am getting a little concerned. I hope they continue service with NO interruption of service. I don't know how many would wait through that period until they work out the...
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    Memo from VOOM Management to Emplyees

    All I have to say is wow
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    Hello March, nice to see you. Now give me my damn DVR!!!

    Scott.... That is not fair, man. Spill the beans or more hints please
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    The End of VOOM?

    Question: Has Voom come out with a formal statement, yet?
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    How long 'til Voom goes dark?

    For the record.....This SUCKS
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    How long 'til Voom goes dark?

    Found it, thanks
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    How long 'til Voom goes dark?

    My options are D*, E*, and Comcast. I am in Atlanta. I can't find the link.
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    How long 'til Voom goes dark?

    Preparing for Voom outage I remember seeing a comparitive chart on different providers and the HD content they transmit. Can someone post the link to that info. Thanks in advance, Mike