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    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    Well I never got a letter or email or any kind of notification and Cinemax disappeared from my guide yesterday. I figured it was because the CC I had on file had expired, and sure enough it looks like I'd been de-enrolled from autopay. I updated my CC, got myself all good again, and opened up...
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    Receiver Question

    I think we're more likely to see a QAM modulator for serving a second TV in the next generation of boxes. Very few people have HDMI running around their house, but just about everbody has coax in their walls.
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    Roof reshingling - reset dish ourselves?

    If you've got a 622 or 722 you can just leave it out of whack for a few days, let it phone home, and wait for Dish to notice and give you a courtesy call. They'll schedule a repointing appointment for free that way, but you could be waiting a long time.
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    EFF Fights Echostar

    Wow, wonderful. I only signed up with Dish because DirecTV was doing this exact thing a few years ago. Maybe it's time to switch to cable.
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    Programming changes

    Wow, this is great! Finally! This should have been on their website years ago. While I do pay for and receive local channels, I'm told that "Currently local programming is not available in your area, please check again as it may become available in the future." If I modify my account, maybe...
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    DD5.1 over HDMI with the ViP receivers ??

    I have a 722 and can confirm that yes, it does pass the source audio format right along over HDMI. So far I've seen my a/v receiver identify signals from my 722 in Stereo, Dolby Pro Logic, and Dolby Digital 5.1 - all over HDMI.
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    Audio dropout on HD recording with 722/optical?

    I have noticed half-second audio dropouts on Battlestar Galactica...using HDMI for audio. Not many, though...maybe one or two per episode.
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    Dish ad shows addition of CNN and CN HD

    Dish's website has always been so horrendously ugly and hard to navigate. I'd bet they're losing sales to Directv based on their website design alone.
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    Just got Dish HDTV, and I can't program the remote to my 19" LCD Polaroid TLA-01911C

    Even with the original remote you'll still be stuck with two remotes. Buy a Harmony One or 880 and be done with it.
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    Not an April Fool Special - $79 Mercury II - Satellite AV

    Can I hook this up to a Dish 1000.2 (with integrated LNBs pointed at 110, 119, and 129) and receive any of Dish's unencrypted programming?
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    VIP722 via Logitech remote

    The Harmony 880 is pretty horrible, actually. I have one. The play/pause/fast forward buttons are kind of shoved in there in an unusual order and they all feel the same. The Harmony One fixes that and more closely emulates a proper DVR remote - wth pause in the center and rewind/fast forward...
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    Set Top Box Coupons and Returns

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    Photos From Dish Network Booth

    Any pics of the TR-40? That one's included in the voucher program. The TR-50 is ineligible.
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    MyBook 320GB External USB Hard Drive - Enter To Win

    I would love to win this :)
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    HomePlug built into the 622, How cool is that?

    Hey neat. I just checked my bill and it looks like that $5 phone line fee is FINALLY gone for good. It took them a little over two months, but apparently HomePlug-connected receivers now officially qualify as 'connected'.
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    E* --Inform Your Customers!

    I did receive an automated voicemail from Dish about three days after they added TBS HD to their lineup to let me know. That's an expensive way to make announcements, and to my knowledge it's the only time they've reached out to me to inform me of a new channel or feature.
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    Wireless on 722 and other questions

    You can pick up a cheap homeplug adapter for about the same cost (or less) than a wireless bridge. The 722 has homeplug built in so you won't need any extra hardware on that side of things.
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    Showtime solicitation

    Man Dish calls me all the friggin' time to try and upsell me the premium channels. It's so goddamn irritating. What's the special 800 number you can call to opt-out?
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    HBO free preview

    The HBO free preview, unlike the Showtime free preview last week, does not include any HD. :(
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    NEW Papa John’s Pizza iTV Application Now Available

    Who thought it was OK to launch this without any actual ordering of pizza function? That should have been the whole point!