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    Sling question

    Got my Sling adapter yesterday. Plugged it in and got it working. At first it only came on from the front USB port but then I put it in a rear USB port and it came on so I guess I just didn't wait long enough. I used the iPhone app and played a recorded show from the DVR. Pretty cool. This...
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    internet connection

    I haven't had my hoppers or joey connected to my internet since S216 was causing me problems with losing my connection to a hopper. What's the best way for me to connect to the internet? I do not have a HIC since the installer didn't give me one. Also, I'd like to add a sling adapter but...
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    recording prime time shows to my partition

    Hey all, Loving my hoppers and joey but I have a question/problem. We moved in on 3/30 and my hoppers and joey were installed on 3/31. I enabled PTAT on the basement hopper and set up some primetime shows to record on the DVR. I thought it would use the PTAT recording and move them over...
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    I joined the hopper world

    Had a 2 Hopper/1 Joey system installed on Saturday. The tech did a super job and we had no problems. Got done in time to watch the game. I had a pull string from the basement to the attic and he connected on his wires and went up in the attic. I fed them into the hole as he pulled. Got...
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    Recording network show with PTAT

    This has to be answered already but I sure can't find it. If you want to record a network show during prime time and have PTAT turned on, how does it happen? Does PTAT do it's thing and then automatically copy it over? If there is a thread on it, please point me to it. Thanks
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    2 hopper 1 joey order

    Hey all, I'll be moving to my new house this Friday. I'm currently a cable TV customer but want to go back to Dish. I'll have 3 TV's and would like 2 hoppers and 1 joey. What's the best way and place to order? I started doing it online tonight and when I put in 3 TV's the online system...
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    1 dish on my house or 2?

    I live in Louisville KY and was a Dish customer. At first I had one dish on the side of my house with 3 LNB's. Then my locals came to Dish and they put another dish on my house to pick those up. I moved to a rental so I cancelled my service and have temporarily gone to cable while my house is...
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    Which way does dish point

    Hi all, I'm building a new house and want to get DirecTV when it is done. I have to get approval for my dish location by submitting a drawing showing the location of the dish. I used the DirecTV dish pointer and the azimuth came back as 206.6. So that is telling me the degrees from north...
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    HR34 and a Samsung RVU TV

    Anybody using a HR34 with a new Samsung RVU ready TV yet? if yes, how is it working?
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    Reformat an external hard drive

    Is there a way to tell my 722 to reformat my external hard drive? I plugged it in lsat night and couldn't delete the shows on it or copy new ones to it. Edit: This is just for future information. I currently had the EHD connected to my PC and I'm formatting it there. I figure when I plug...
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    Receiver differences

    Hi all, I was looking at systems from Solid signal and saw msny different receivers. What is the difference between the SD receivers D10 and the SD-HBH Director Pack Receiver? On teh HD side, what's the difference between the TS360 and the DTC210? Also, I see where Value Elect has the...
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    HD receiver question

    Hi all, I'm moving to a new house and already have my new HDTV scheduled to be delivered. I was to get D* for it but wasn't sure where I should get the equipment from. Should I go to D* or another online retailer? Is there a difference? Will they all probably use the same installer...