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    Viacast Quantum MSR 1500 MPEG2 receiver

    I have just purchased a used Viacast Quantum MSR 1500 which I thought was designed for C-band but now I'm not sure, since one source that I talked to recently said that it suppotrs Ku-band only. Does anybody know if this model was designed for C-band, Ku-band, or both? Thanks, bsnrhans
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    quantum msr model 1500

    My FTA MPEG2 IRD (DVB) is a free-standing box that I will use for one channel only from AMC-6, downlink 4040 MHz, which is the digital transmission from NASA-TV. Problem: The signal bar graph reads 93, but the SIGNAL/NO SIGNAL panel reads NO SIGNAL, and of course there is no picture on the...