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    FOX Dispute?

    Any word on how many subs were lost due to this dispute? Had to have been thousands. I would have in a flash if I didn’t have 11 months left on my contract. I still might when my contact is up because it gave me a chance to try a trial of YouTube tv and loved it! Sent from my iPad using...
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    Burning Smell

    Everything, including DVR functions and guide are working correctly.
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    Burning Smell

    When I came home from work last night, there was an electronic burning smell in the room where my 722K is. I have had the 722K for 10 months with no problems and it is acting normal today. There has been no smell since last night. The only other electronics I have in the room are a DVD player...
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    Service Restored to 129 Satellite!

    No signal here. Looks like a nationwide blackout. Those darn squirrels must've got in the satellite again
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    DISH Network Adding Nebraska Cornhusker Games

    As a Nebraska resident, I now am getting the Big 10 Network. I have AT250. Thank you Dish!
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    Nebraska and the Big 10 Network on Dish after July 1

    The wording is still odd. Why not just say Nebraska fans will be receiving the BTN? Are they making a separate channel for Nebraska subs? I wish Dish would clarify.
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    How to completely freak out a 722k

    I had this happen once about a month ago. I just thought it was a fluke.
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    Nebraska and the Big 10 Network on Dish after July 1

    I have been looking at DirecTV packages just in case this isn't resolved by the first kickoff. They have some attractive introductory offers! I think it will be resolved by then, though. They can't afford to lose Nebraska customers. The people I know that have Dish will jump the ship too. Why...
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    Nebraska and the Big 10 Network on Dish after July 1

    I don't really care as long as I have it before the first kickoff. If not, I will be canceling and calling DirecTV the week before kickoff. I don't want to give Dish extra money for the multi-sports pack when it's something I should already have for being in a Big 10 state.
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    Telephone Rings when hooked to 722K

    I had a 722K installed about a month ago. I have it connected to a landline telephone line. Ever since I had it hooked up, my telephone rings with one ring in the middle of the night around 3am. Nothing is recorded on caller ID. This happens a couple times a week, but I don't know if it happens...
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    Pausing on 722K

    Yes, that gets rid of the bar, but it moves ahead and what I wanted to read at the bottom is gone. Hitting skip back doesn't bring it back to the exact frame. I guess I meant to ask if there is a way to get rid of the pause bar and stay on the same frame?
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    Pausing on 722K

    I'm still playing around with all of the features on my new 722K. When you pause live TV or pause a recorded show, is there a way to get rid of the pause bar at the bottom of the screen? Hitting cancel only adds more clutter on the screen (the title bar at the top). Sometimes I want to read...
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    2nd Remote for 722K

    I just got a 722K installed. I want to have a 2nd remote for TV1 so my wife and I won't fight over the remote and we'll each have our own. If I ordered the replacement remote from Dish for $20, will I be able to use both remotes for TV1?
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    how do you get PPV Certificates?

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    Tivo hearing today?

    SAN FRANCISCO -(Dow Jones)- Shares of Tivo Inc. (TIVO) fell as far as 16% Thursday after a federal judge failed to rule in an important patent battle between Tivo and rival Dish Network Corp. (DISH). Both sides were in court Thursday to argue whether Dish, the satellite cable provider, was in...
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    311 Receiver picture/audio freezes

    I have experienced the exact same problem with my two 311s recently. It's about 3-4 times per hour and it's just a quick 2 or 3 second freeze. I still have the 4.19 software. My receivers have not updated yet. I've also tried a reset with no luck.
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    Fellow E* Pals....i'm not a traitor

    Why can't all of us get the signal with that "antenna" rather than a dish. It seems that would reduce a lot of service calls
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    Fellow E* Pals....i'm not a traitor

    That's a great question! Why is it that if my dish on my house is out of alignment by one inch I lose signal, but a plane flying 200 mph across the country keeps a signal?
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    Can I do this? Switch TV1 and TV2

    Dish techs work on Sunday?
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    110 Sat off again

    I lost locals in Omaha too last night at news time. Then I turned to Tennis channel and it was on when the locals were out, but then the Tennis channel went out too a couple minutes later.