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    Suspend Service - Use DVR?

    If I temporarily suspend service - will I be able to playback recorded shows from my DVR?
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    3D HD Coming?

    I saw today that ESPN 3D is launching this summer with 85 3D sports events this year starting with a World Cup match.
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    Good deal NFL-ST

    Be careful that they are giving you the deal they say they are: Just called in and asked about the buy ST and get free premier deal. CSR says yes, we can offer that to you. I asked her several times if that meant that all I would be paying for the next five months is the ST price and she...
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    RedZone channel on cable?

    Thanks. I've been saying for a couple of years that I'd give up ST if I could just buy RedZone. I like watching my local game with RedZone running on a second TV - no commercials, always something happening - I love it, but paying $380 to get it is absurd.
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    RedZone channel on cable?

    I've read that Redzone channel may be available on comcast this year for free or maybe $7 per month. Any idea if directv would allow Redzone channel without the full Sunday ticket?
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    FOX NEWS CHANNEL HD 10/17 6 am

    It must be ready to go, I noticed that the commercial on foxnews kept a ticker on the bottom during commercial and looked like an SD version of an HD channel. I jumped on this site specifically to check up if it is being added in HD and saw this thread at the top.
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    Check out TLC-HD now!

    I've found that the problem comes from skipping ahead too many times, that is you are already live or close to live and use the skip ahead. Problem is solved with a skip back, short pause, or channel change
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    HR20 Program List ! in triangle

    In my program list, an exclamation point in a triangle appears next to two folders and one movie. Is there something that needs attention? BTW - hopefully unrelated - the pause/rew, etc keys were not working yesterday and I solved this with the reset function in the menu. I believe the ! was...
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    Favorites and timers

    Will a to do still record if the channel is not part of your current favorites list?
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    First CS experience - wow :(

    Rant on I ran into a wall today trying to convince customer service that I or my neighbor should be given a benefit as a referral. I mentioned when signing up that I was referred by a customer, and again called in while installer was at my house and was told that I and my referrer would be...
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    D* HD vs. Cable

    I definately see the difference with the mpeg4 local channels. They are as good as OTA and cable. Too bad it appears that many key hd channels will continue to be sent in mpeg2. Oh and I'm going under the assumption that the jacksonville, fl locals are mpeg4 - does anyone know? If not, all...
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    D* HD vs. Cable

    It must be all mpeg2 - i'll compare locals tonight - are there any current mpeg4 channels besides locals?
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    D* HD vs. Cable

    I hope I didn't just make a 24 month mistake. I just got d* installed and when comparing cable HD with d* HD, both through HDMI and all settings the same, Cable is clearly superior. Is there a chance of this improving? Not only that, I just noticed that my comcast just added HGTV and FOOD...
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    hr-20-100s hr20-700s difference?

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    hr-20-100s hr20-700s difference?

    I signed up at Costco where they had a stack of HDDVRs that I thought said hr20-700s, but they told me not to take it with me that the installer would bring it. The one he brought is hr20-100s - is there a difference?
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    Does HR-20 have coax out?

    Does the HR-20 have a coax out that can be used for a 2nd (SD) monitor?
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    Installation tomorrow - Superfan? Extra HD?

    My installation is set for tomorrow, sales rep said all nfl games would be in hi-def, yet superfan is not indicated. Also, I did not want to pay for an extra HD receiver (I bought one hr-20) so only scheduled one hd and one sd, though I want two hds and one sd. Should I be able to call in and...
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    HD programming only available?

    Is it possible to subscribe to just HD programming with dish? I have a 622 collecting dust.
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    HD programming only?

    Sorry for probably a stupid question, but is there an option for only HD programming with Dish? I have 1 dish currently at 110/119, a 622, and no traditional phone line. What are my options? TIA
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    921 can I disconnect fan?

    Thanks for the input, I'll try to replace the fans, thats a good idea. Sorry StonePhillips420, but the noise is seriously too great to make it practical for my bedroom. It may be that mine is noisier than others, but it is ridiculous and not 'soothing' at all, as a cieling fan may be...