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    Telstar5 (Intelsat5) - will 26" dish do it?

    I'm getting ready to get hooked up with Globecast TV for Setanta and some international programming (German and Polish). I have a 26" Dish ready and am also looking for a Free To Air receiver that will also work with Globecast TV card. Please help me choose the right IRD. Thank you
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    VOOM Channels on DVR510?

    I can not seem to find their channels on DVR510 why? You are paying for them and they still can be watched on SD TV. Why exclude them? Any workarounds?
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    Two Dish 942's for $250 upgrade fee?

    I tried to price on the Dish Network site and that's what it says. Is that for real? I can get 2 of them for just ONE upgrade fee or is it for each?
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    Full signals - still getting freezing, why?

    I have 5 channels in Little Rock I want to watch and tried CM4224 antenna with CM7777 preamp and spent seven hours but was not able to get all the channels at once. I have RS yagi antenna and decided to go with 2 antenna setup (our towers are in COMPLETE OPOSITE directions). I spent almost...
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    Local channels via Satellite?

    Well, that is what the VOOM CSR Tech said while requesting one of the new units to be swapped (nothing wrong with it, it was not added to inventory and could not be registered). He said they are working on contracts to move local channels to be broadcasted via satellite instead of external...
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    OTA in Little Rock, AR

    If you live in Little Rock, AR please post your experiences with local channels and types of antenna you use, etc. Thanks!
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    Successful installation in Little Rock, AR

    Reporting from Little Rock ... Well, I got the installer to finally show up at 8:30PM (took me few calls to VOOM), and installed the dish myself while installer was on the phone registering the units. I run and hooked the cables, found the signal with no satellite finder (with my bare hands)...
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    RG6 cable for VOOM

    I currently have Perfect Vision RG6 cable with no info on the cable whatsoever. I am replacing my high speed internet cable from the cheapest coax you have ever seen installed by Comcast to some Carol brand cable RG6/U (Home Depot) that will be burried. Should I get the same Carol cable...
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    Will this have to turn into legal case?

    Well, I am an owner of the condo. The condo has a patio on the back with 6' tall fence. Before I went into any satellite installing, I made sure (FCC) that I can do that. Even though my association prohibits having satellite dishes I just could not stand looking at Comcast on my $5000 TV so...
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    Software 00.05.08 - low signal

    I just (FINALLY!) got the Voom installed and after 1 hour on the phone with Installs dept, he got it to work. Now, I was told by Voom hedq. that the satellite dish was sent and was received by the installer. The guy shows up with dirty plastic Channel Master (30"?) dish, screws the LNB from...
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    What is the best antenna for Little Rock, AR

    Does anyone knows what is working best in Little Rock, AR? I have heard I would need bi-directional antenna as the towers are in the different directions or something like that. Any help would be appreciated. I've already gone to and I know I need LD antenna (red and blue)
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    Voom and Dish Network on one dish

    I'm going to have Voom installed today at 3PM and I was wondering If I could somehow add Dish Network International (same 61.5) programming using the same dish (do not want to have 2 seperate dishes as I do not have a lot of space on the patio) and how? I'll only have two receivers - one for...
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    SuperDish (3LNBF's) and one receiver - which switch?

    I just bought SuperDish for 110, 119 and 121 but without the switch. Which switch am I going to need to hook up one IRD? Thank you so much