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    Dish Network has accepted Glenn Bleck's money

    For over two days, already, Glenn Bleck is now advertising his low rated, web only channel, with a promo code (which I would NOT unveil here,) for a 30 day trial. Who in their right mind, at the Dish Network advertising sales department, decided to accept Glenn Bleck's money? Might as well...
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    adios CNBCW

    Wow, some of you want a HD shopping channel??? I don't even own a HD receiver, so I REALLY hope that Dish Network does the right thing, and replace this channel for Al Jazeera English. It's just fitting to see this as a viable replacement, and it just makes sense.
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    TV Japan

    Please read this Press Release from ONE World Sports: Sadly, in order to get ONE World Sports, I think an HD Receiver is required. If you are a subscriber to TV Japan, you should get as well ONE World...
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    TV Japan

    As well, I do feel bad to tansu, because if he doesn't have LOS to 118.7, Dish Network actually has another channel included with TV Japan, and it's ONE World Sports, which has exclusive rights to the Japanese J-League. No other cable provider has ONE World Sports.
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    Paying bills online problem

    It seems that Dish Network's Web Team has not solved the problem, tried paying today and still declined. ZachS@DISH Network has not responded to me ever since he PMed me saying that the issue is "being looked into".
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    Paying bills online problem

    Looks like there is no way to delete a card from my account. Any other suggestions or anyone else want to help me? Thanks for your reply.
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    Paying bills online problem

    Three months ago, I had no problem paying my bill online. Then, Dish Network changed their billing code on their website, and now my payments with my debit card are now no longer going through. My payments are being denied, despite my debit card expires in 2013, and the debit card issuer...
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    Cricket IPL4 on Dish?

    Hmm, looking at the uplink activity, Neo Cricket USA (currently, Comcrap has this channel) has been uplinked, who knows if Dish will have the IPL, but sadly, Dish added this channel before ... and as well, I think Dish will no longer have Zee Sports USA (a stupid channel to add in the first...
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    2/9/2011 1:31pm - Uplink Activity Report - 78 changes

    Willow Cricket is free preview, probably because of the Cricket World Cup, despite the Cricket World Cup is PPV (besides, domestic cricket only), but sadly another sad Uplink Report by Dish Network, as Dish Network decides to add another perhaps hard to obtain ethnic channel (VIJAY), than, well...
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    Dear Dish: Please add AJE

    Okay, I called Reach Media, aka Dish Network's distributor of Arabic Programming, they are saying that Reach Media might carry Al Jazeera in English, but in the future, but to read Dish Network's official statement regarding this channel, is Alan Colmes would put it, "disgusting". Sadly, I...
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    Dear Dish: Please add AJE

    Sorry for the caps in advance, but this was a long time coming. You are taking this the wrong way, maryb. First off, I have requested Al Jazeera English, A FEW YEARS AGO!!! Why all of the sudden, NOW??? I mean Dish Network has gotten the rights of Al Jazeera Sports, BBC Arabic, and some...
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    Big International News But No BBC-World Or CNN-International On DISH

    Sorry, but Al Jazeera English would be a better choice for coverage of this Iran election, not BBC World News, or CNN International. It's also very strange that Dish Network uplinked BBC Arabic, but not Al Jazeera English.
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    61.5 and 148

    I would feel very suspicious about this person (person metions fortec,) there's really no FTA channels on 61.5 and 148. Well, I don't think Dish is going to take down 148, because Echostar 5 is moving there, and there are still some Public Interest channels on 148. But I don't think you...
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    Which Network Will Dish Network Carry First, Al Jazeera English or BBC World News?

    Well, to make themselves more to the public, Al Jazeera now has a new site to petition your local Cable, Satellite, or FTTH provider, to carry Al Jazeera English. The website: I Want Al Jazeera English It is only logical for Dish Network to carry Al Jazeera English, because Dish Network...
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    A beg to Dish Network to add Al-Jazeera International

    Now, as you may know, I am not an advocate for Dish Network, to add more HD, but at least, I hope Dish Network would at least, try to consider adding Al-Jazeera International, because Dish Network already has Al-Jazeera. I don't really like to use a FTA system to get Al-Jazeera International...
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    OFFICIAL: Dish Network Not Enough New HD Complaint Thread

    Why are you guys complaining about this? Dish Network was MEANT for people who are on a limited budget. You want HD, then go to Rotten Rupert. Wanted the Stupid Bowl in HD, then find a "way" then. Remember Dish Network's Promise: they are to be the "lowest price" satellite TV company (...
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    Dish Network® Adds Vietnamese Programming

    Too Bad, though, lots of Vietnamese people either went with Rotten Rupert, or Comcrap. This is an awful decision, for Dish Network, because Rotten Rupert, and/or Cable Systems [i.e. Comcrap], already got the best Vietnamese channels. This was the same with the Filipino Channels, Rotten...
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    Imus to be on RFD-TV, should Dish Network/Rotten Rupert be concerned?

    I would, because RFD-TV is on the DISHFamily package, and on Rotten Rupert's family package. The reason why I would be concerned? Media Matters - Imus called women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" Enough said...
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 11/17/2007

    Hmm, it seems Dish wants to spotbeam 61.5, so I hope that's what Dish is going to do with 148. It also looks like Dish is taking away unnecessary bandwidth, by remove the Pirate TV channels. Maybe there's another reason why Dish is removing the Pirate TV channels (maybe Dish is admitting...
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 11/10/2007

    It looks like Dish really has no plans on taking away internationals for 61.5, yet Dish wants to take away internationals for 148. Two new Arabic channels identified: 1. ARTSP: ART Sports??? Hmm, there are 7 ART Sports channels, but I think this is ART Sports, but it's going to be an...