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    Channel 304 (ESPNA) and 308(ESPN2A) HD?

    Am I seeing this right? Is this old news? Mike
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    Selfish Wish for the RAVE channel

    VOOM-RAVE, Can we have Beyonce back for the holidays? I miss her. :) Mike
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    Channel 999

    Anybody know about these shows on ch. 999? 9:30 - Starz 10:00 - HDM (to be authorized) 10:30 - I dream of Jenna 11:30 - Heat and so on...... Mike
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    Voom Competitor's HD Agenda - D* 2Q Conference Call

    Here is a link to an AVS post that details D*Conference Call. In the post you will see reference to their HD initiatives. Same ole D*.
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    New software - Can't OTA scan

    Received the new software downlad last night to both of my boxes. My main box (connected to my HDTV) is fine. My other box, connected to SDTV via S-video, recieved the software BUT has none of the functionality of the new software. The Installation Wizard is nowhere to be found. Is...
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    Why no WB or UPN HD Program on the Daily Alert

    Sean, First I appreciate the Daily alert sticky. It is quick and easy way to find out whats on Voom. I was just wondering is there a reason why the WB and UPN HD programming is not listed? Thanks, Mike
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    Hdnews ?

    Maybe I am late but I know we started seeing ESPNHD sports clips on the HDNEWS channel before we actually got the channel. It was one of the things that actually got subscribers wondering about the addition of ESPNHD to the VOOM lineup. Last night, while watching HDNEWS, I saw a sports clip...
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    Voom Guide inconsistancies

    This is my major beef with Voom. (this is a small one but it is what it is) I don't know about everybody else but I use the remote functions when scrolling through the guide. (i.e. While watching (full screen), I use the green button to see only the HD programming that is showing currently)...
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    Observation and need help

    Like everyone else, I was comparing V* with PQ on D*and wondering why my voom picture looked slightly softer that D*, when I ran accross something that I hadn't noticed before. I noticed that my VOOM Discovery HD was more strectched than D* Discovery HD channel (noticed it when the Discovery HD...
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    Voom Reality Questions

    I have noticed a lot of post from people leaving VOOM due to things associated with not being able to receive any or all of their local OTA HD channels. If this is the case, are we unfairly criticizing VOOM for an added function? (Like someone else said in this forum) Has VOOM set...
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    Atlanta Area Voomer

    I have ordered Voom and I am set up for installation on Thursday. I was wondering if there were any Atlanta Area Voomers that could comment on their installation, OTA reception, and overall service experiences. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks Mike
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    Question for those that have Voom w/ Directv (long but please help)

    I am very close in pulling the trigger on Voom but until they get ESPNHD, Scifi and more kids programming, I am going to be stuck with both services. For those who have both services please help me out by sharing with me your experiences on the following questions: Installations: - With...