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    Look for replacement part winegard 10 foot dish

    Hello Have an old winegard quadstar 10 foots dish looking for replacement parts pivot beam assembly. If you don't have ,do you know who i can contact. El
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    SES-2 87 west can honolulu,hawaii pick signal up from this satellite ses-2

    Hello On LyngSat satellite map for the SES-2 at 87 west for the C/Ku-band it look like people in Honolulu Hawaii can not receive signal C or Ku band from this satellite. Am I read the map right ,NO signal to Honolulu,Hawaii on C/Ku band for this satellite (SES-2 at 87 west). mrel
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    Venture Actuator company

    Hello Is there company Name Venture that makes the Venture Actuator mover? Is this company still in business? Is this company in america? How good is a venture actuator mover? mrel
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    Actuator for c-band 10 foot pulses / per inch

    Hello I been looking at actuator to move10 foot dish. i notice some company say 32 pulse /per inch another company say 48 pulse / per inch. Someone said the more pulse per inch is a better actuator, that been said. Now question is when a person buy a actuator how does person find out if that...
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    -Which is better v or g box

    Hello Like to hear from people who are using a v-box or g-box to move 10 foot dish. Which is better v-box or a g-box? My understanding a v-box and g-box can be hookup to a FTA receiver and the FTA receiver can tell the ( G or V box )to move the dish. mrel
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    What is my true south

    Hi all I am in honolulu,Hawaii 96816. I am try to find true south what deg is it? My Latitude 21.29 and long 157.82. I have the Fortec star 90CM dish a SG2100 dish mover and a Pansat 2300A receiver. I been setting my true south at 170 deg ,I think that is wrong ,I get Gaxlary10r than I set...
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    Play with old dish

    Hi all I wondering I have an old dish that little over 90cm I decide to play with this dish by adding an lnbf to this offset dish. The question is ,is it true a 36 inch offset dish lnbf bracket when put on a bigger offset dish the lnbf have to be far away from the dish than smaller...