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    Dish 622 multi-room upgrade help

    thanks tastim! I didn't really think of that because we almost never watch more than one tv at a time. But just in case our viewing habits do change, I'll probably just take the existing coax cable run from the basement to the family room and also plug that into the new HDTV. That way, I can...
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    Dish 622 multi-room upgrade help

    My wife has given me the green light to upgrade our family room TV from the old CRT I've had since college to a nice HDTV so I want to strike while the iron is hot. I'd appreciate some help. Here is my current setup -- Dish 622 receiver in the basement, with a 51" projection HDTV connected by...
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    STO----61.5--129 Cleveland

    So is there a likelyhood that if I hold-out long enough they will give me the EA setup for free since Cleveland will be on those satellites?
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    STO----61.5--129 Cleveland

    so there is still no way to get STO, FSO and Cleveland HD locals without having that extra dish at 61.5? I refuse to commit to two more years nor pay the $65 fee for the extra dish. I've read of people talking their way into a free install with no commitment but I'm 0 for 4 on that.
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    Free Starz preview 6/20-6/22

    as usual, no public announcement by E*, just a little square advertising the preview on the Starz page of their website. Enjoy.
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    DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 4/16/2008 11:59am - 9 changes - CNN HD ADDED

    OK, I get that most of you want SCIFI-HD so you can watch BSG. I've picked up on that fact. But why is everyone so worked up about USA-HD? Seriously? Everytime I look that channel is just a bunch of reruns that probably pre-date HD. I'm not trying to knock anyone's preference in TV -- is...
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    Cleveland HD Locals Problem

    just had a brilliant idea (imo). if E* puts STO and Fox OH on 61.5 and takes it off 129, won't they be forced to install a 61.5 dish for free? I seem to remember this being their policy that if they moved programming that you already have then they'd install the newly required dish for free...
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    Cleveland HD Locals Problem

    so this begs the question -- are there installers in Cleveland who will install a 61.5 dish for less than the $60 that Dish wants? Or does Dish subsidize this install (so the installer gets more than $60 from Dish)?
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    Cleveland HD Locals Problem

    I gotta say -- havings these locals finally uplinked but then put on 61.5 is very frustrating. I have Dish 1000 so I'm not getting 61.5. I've tried twice and can't get a CSR to give me a free upgrade. Let's pretend that I give in to their 24-month or $60 requirement -- what channels will I gain...
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    NFL Network Leaving AT100 Package

    from Scott's message above: NFL Network Free Preview Ending NFL Network is moving out of Free Preview into America's Top 200 package, effective Wednesday, February 20th, 2008. this is how they're going to 'spin' it? Try to convince us that we've just had a free preview for two...
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    New Dish Network Pricing

    Here's my question about the new HD packages -- if I want to change to the "HD Essentials" package will this affect my $10 off per month (for 10 months) rebate that I am currently getting? I'm in the fifth month (of 10 months) and I'd hate to lose this rebate because I 'downgraded' to a lower...
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    Photos From Dish Network Booth

    *deep breath* Seriously -- if they skip over Cleveland while putting HD locals in all those other markets, its over. There are four dots in and around Idaho, but no Cleveland. There's a dot in western Ohio that for all I can figure is Findlay, OH. Man, you'd think they would've tried to make...
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    Review: AT&T U-VERSE

    We just got Uverse here in Cleveland. My neighbor signed up right away but that was an easy decision for him since he is coming from cable and only has sd tvs. I currently have Dish and HD and am very happy. I'm attracted by the comparable HD channel lineup, but I'm confused by their website --...
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    Free Showtime for 3 months - YMMV

    so I signed up for this promo and just got my first bill. I was happy to see three separate credits for $11 each. But here's my question -- can I just cancel Showtime at anytime? Or will doing so violate the promo and those credits will be re-charged to my account? I don't want to leave Showtime...
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 09/08/2007

    can someone clarify this -- I'm looking at (ESPN - NCAA College Football Schedule, College Football Schedule, NCAA Football Schedule) and according to this site the BTN is showing five noon-time games this coming Saturday. How is this possible? Is there more than one feed of the BTN?
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Discussion - Week Ending 06/16/2007

    So is that to say that you don't have a channel that just carries CW and MyTV as the primary channel?
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Discussion - Week Ending 06/16/2007

    Can someone help with why everyone is all excited about OTA sub-channel EPG? Here in Cleveland the sub-channels are very limited. Our NBC and CBS affiliate have weather information (which is nice, but I don't need the EPG for that) and the MyTV affiliate has Tube (which, once again, is nice but...
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    Team Summit General Assembly Notes

    Really? You're #35 and you're getting antsy? How about Cleveland (#17)? We're the biggest DMA without LiL.
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    NBA TV Free Preview from April 21 - May 5

    If this is true then I'm ticked because last night the NBATV channel carried the Cavaliers game. I even tried going to the channel last night just to see if it was available and it said I needed to subscribe.
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    single/dual mode via remote?

    with all this talk about the new 622 software having side-by-side PIP, it reminded me of a question I meant to ask months ago -- is there a button on the remote that will let you switch between single and dual mode? I like to leave my receiver in dual mode but when I want PIP I have to get up...