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    HR-20 issue!!!!!

    Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered but I did a search and found nothing. :confused:Occasionally while watching tv and I switch from a hd channel to a standard definition channel the picture on the standard channel becomes stretched from top to bottom and the picture is...
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    Dish Braces

    Does anyone know what the length is fully extended on the 2 sizes of monopole braces that value electronics sells?:confused:
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    AT-9 install problems

    :mad: Well D* shows up today to install H-20 and 5LNB dish. The installer tells me he cannont install on my current 2 1/2 or 3inch fence pole I am currently using for the 3 LNB dish. Apparently the new dish weighs 40lbs or so and he clams that it will be top heavy and I wont get a good signal...
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    HD locals

    I called D* today for the heck of it to find out any additional info on when the HD locals are coming to chicago. After several transfers back and forth I reached a CSR who told me that beta testing was going really well and I should expect the hd locals in 15 to 30 days, I won't be holding my...
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    Question about new D* hdtv dish?

    First time posting sorry if this question has been already asked. Because of location my dish is installed in far corner of my yard and the cable feeds are placed in pvc and buried.(self install) I already had to dig the pipe up once and add cable to it when I upgraded to hdtv (4 wires). Does...