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    Ohh Dish :-(

    Well. They lost my business, again. Short abbreviated story: Dish Customer for about 15 months. Called mid-January to cancel after deciding to give local provider Comcast a chance and save some money. Sent boxes and LNB'S to Dish as requested by account specialist and got a prompt...
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    Dish allowed me to return !!

    Well guys, after a not so very bright decision to switch from Dish to my local cable provider (Adelphia/Comcast) (Related post ) I eventually managed to speak to an account specialist/CSR at Dish to kindly ask to be able to come back without...
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    What have I done !!!!!!!!!

    Well, In a nutshell, I was a Dish customer for 14 months. I had just about everything they offered (HD,All movie channels, Playboy, etc.). After some "common sense" thinking I figured that I was paying too much for what I had, $160 per month. I'm entitled to basic cable which is included in my...
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    Rain*X on your dish and LNB ?

    Hello there guys !!! Well, as a central Florida resident, I have embraced our summer with much excitement....not!!!!!! As most of you guys know the warm temperatures here generate thunder showers almost every afternoon. A local source told me that applying rain x (yes, the car windshield stuff)...
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    Pardon my ignorance....

    Dish is advertising that they will soon be offering Starz HD as well as National Geographic HD as well some other HD channel. Does anybody know the timeframe on this ? Thanks.
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    Voice running a microsecond behind on my 211.

    I know this must have been discussed somewhere in this forum, but, if you will , bear with me. When watching my 211 receiver I noticed that the voice coming out does not quite match what's coming out of the actor's voices. It seems to be about a microsecond behind and it is pretty annoying...
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    I hope this is not a dumb question.

    I always do a weekly "Test Switch" and all my receivers (I have a 211,622 and 625). All the time they are successful. This morning I tried thia once again, however I was at the satellite point dish page and decided to cycle between the satellites Im supposed to get (119,110 and 61.5 which...
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    Dish 1000 and Florida...why not ?

    I've seen the footprint map for the Dish 1000 and see where FL lies in the shaded (not covered) area. I've researched and have found out that the Dish 500 is named like this because it is "enabled" to recieve up to 500 channels and, by the same token, the Dish 1000 is "enabled" to recieve up to...
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    Question about my E* Bill.

    So, how does this billing in advance works? Do you pay your first month in advance or how? My bills are coming pretty high. With all my services and fees I'm paying (or supposed to be paying) about $145 a month plus tax. Is this what I'm about to see every month or is it twice that ? , although...
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    After the ordeal to get my 622 and 211 installed here's how it looks!!!

    Well after my own version of Star Wars with Dish here is how my master bedroom (211) and living room home theater (622) look like:
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    What to do with my 811 HD Receiver ?

    Hello guys and ladies. Well, if you remember me I posted that very well recieved thread about my Dish experience to substitute my recievers for the new Vip622 and Vip211. If you didn't read it here's the link. Anyway, so I now find...
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    My 2 cents !!! You'll love it!!!!

    Copy of e-mail sent to ceo@echostar.... Hello. I have been a customer with Dish Network since November 2005 and so far I will state that the quality of the programming and signal is astounding. Most of this is of course due to the actual installation job which was performed by Satellite City...
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    Hardware required; awaiting the arrival of my 622 receiver.

    Hello!!! I'm awaiting the arrival of my 622 receiver. Eventually I'll have in my house the following: 622 receiver 211 receiver 625 receiver (kids rooms) My house has currently the following: 942 receiver (living room HDTV home theater) 811 receiver (master bedroom HDTV Plasma) 625...